Wednesday, November 15, 2006

I Want To...

....Punch Rusty In The Face...Like a Bee!

OK so I do love my job. I honestly do. I mean where else can I sit around all day blogging, and listening to KMRL AND get paid for it? However, days like yesterday make me wanna listen to Gwar and punch people. Is that bad?

Rusty who we shall call...Rusty (cause that's his name, YO!) is the senior guy on my crew. Not because he is a particularly GOOD mover. Or even because he is well liked by shippers. It's ONLY because all the rest of the crew has either gone to jail, left or been fired. Therefore, he moved up through the ranks rather quickly in the last year. Now, he thinks his crap doesn't stink...and let me tell DOES!

Yesterday Rusty came into work with a pissy attitude, I don't know why. Maybe it's because he is 22 and has like five kids, and a lazy ass girlfriend who won't get her driver's license? Or maybe it's just because he's Rusty. Either way...when I am instructing him on his daily duties for that day, and he walks out WHILE I am makes me oh....I dunno kinda...hmmmm...BITCHY! I know you are shocked at this right? <----that was my SARCASM font. 

The day went on, and of course, "The Goof Troop" forgot to take mattress cartons to the job. You know...when Rusty decided to walk out...that's when I was telling him what he needed. Soooo...they call me and tell me they have to come back for them. I grumble, but I pull what cartons we had. When they came back, I told them to take mattress bags out for the shipper. Rusty took SOME. They knew they needed larger sized ones on the job...and they KNEW we were out. Why he didn't take what he needed when he was here? I dunno... so he called me and told me to find some mattress bags to fit (shall I pull them out of my ass? It's not a magic ass you know)...Now...I said I would look for some...however *I* am the boss here. You don't TELL me to do anything. I am now thinking the bottle of Jack Daniels hidden in my bathroom is sounding pretty damn good at this point. 

Oh no...It gets better. 

I am on an important phone call when the shipper from today's job walks into my office and says the crew sent HER to come get mattress bags. I smile sweetly, put the important call on hold, and run out into the warehouse. I KNOW we don't have any more, but ya know...lemme look again anyway. I ask my warehouse supervisor (who was busy checking off a military shipment) to look again. Yeah duh, we are out. I then explain to the shipper that the crew has shrink-wrap on the truck and can double shrink-wrap her mattress' at no charge, but let me make sure they have enough with them. I call Rusty, and he yelled AT ME, that I need to go out and find her the bags, because he SAW them out there. (OK Genius, if you saw them...why did you not TAKE them) I explain we did this, and just to shrink-wrap the mattress, so I can get off the phone and get rid of her. Before I can even say, do you have enough shrink...the bastard hangs up on me? I wanted to drive to the job and choke him...but you know...I am lazy. So I pretend I am still on the phone, and smile, and tell the shipper that everything is dandy and she leaves my offices. I get on the phone with Rusty and discipline him and ask yet again, if he has enough shrink. He hangs up...OK whatever. I made a call to the owner and let him know I was going to kill Rusty. He said he would have a talk with him (yeah that helped LAST time), and please don't kill him until the end of the day. (Did I mention I love my boss?) In the meantime...I lost that important phone call I was on cause my hold music sucks. *banging head on desk* 

The day is almost over. My military shipment is almost unloaded and so far, it's gone well, so I am not stressed over it. Then it happens. I knew it would..."The Goof Troop" calls, and needs...that's right...more shrink-wrap. I was just about to say go to hell...when another guy who works here drove up. I sent him instead. Had *I* gone, there would have been bloodshed. Not Mine. Today Rusty came into work and didn't say two words to me. It's best. I am in a great mood. I had a great night. I want to have a GREAT day. I have my boots on today. It's likely if he spoke to me I would snap and kill him, and stuff his body in a vault...We can make things disappear here you know...we do it all the time...I Riiight. My warehouse supervisor just told me he stays up at night thinking of ways to torture Rusty...we are a sick sick bunch of people here at "Idiot Moving & Storage." Please send help.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ In Happier News KITTYN is back and ready to rock your socks off tonight on KMRL. So Tune it in, and turn it up and chair dance your asses off. Join her, and maybe me...ok who am I kidding, you know *I* will be the chat room. Check out her song list, & make a request. The comedy continues when her sidekick (see: Lackey) DJ Darkstar joins her in the "Webkittyn studios" and we are treated to all kinds of witty banter between them. If you aren't listening to Webkittyn Wednesday why not? 
All the kewl kids are doing it!

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