Thursday, December 1, 2005

You Sir, Are A Man Whore!

When you think of a Man-Whore what do you think about?

Do you think about Duece Bigalow, that sweet bumbling dorky type guy who did random strange women for money? He didn't wake up one morning and think Golly I wanna be a man whore...he literally FELL into it...

The encycolpedia of sex simply describes a man-whore as a male prostitute. A man who has sex for money. A man who sleeps with many women is looked upon as a conquerer! A gladiator of sex! Someone who is a real STUD. If someone were willing to pay that man for sex he would be revered by his friends as a virtual GOD! If a woman did this she would simply be called a slut, a tramp, a whore, and looked at like she was comman trash.

What makes a man WANT or NEED to become a man-whore? Does he fall into it by accident? Was he not hugged enough as a child? Does his need for sex overcome his morality? Would he still have sex with these same women if he wasn't being paid for it? Would he still have sex with these women as often as he is without the knowledge that the end result is a stack of $100 bills in his hand later?

Here's an interesting scenerio...a man meets a woman, he's not a man whore when he meets her(as far as she knows), but she offers him money to be her escort for an event, he takes it. whenever she waves the green stuff in front of his face, he jumps and spends time with her. Did he do it because he enjoys spending time with her, or strictly for the money? How would you know? Does HE even know anymore?

Once he taken that leap...can he ever go back to just being a normal guy? Can he love just ONE woman? What kind of man can become a man-whore...the kind that doesn't even love how can he love others?