Monday, November 27, 2006

I Have A Cold Go Away..

It's raining. It's cold, and I don't feel good.

I am a huge baby when I feel I just wanna go back to bed and pretend I am a hermit. 

I need a slave boy to wait on me though. Preferably, tall, dark, and handsome too ok? 

Go Listen To Kineada tonight...he's really good, and plays stuff I like

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Have A Mojo Radio Live Weekend!

Ok so...I raced home just so I could be home in time to entertain YOU. My Adoring Fans! OK really, my family is insane...and I had to escape...BUT...because of this..YOU get to hear ME LIVE!

Saturday from 12pm-3pm Eastern Time!

I’ll even throw in a couple of tunes to get you in that Christmas Spirit!

So Be there...with Jingle Bells on!


Ps. If you have a request, and your name is NOT Kineada, let me know
and I will play it for you!!<----go there and listen!

Mojo Radio Chatroom <---go there to make a request and talk to a DJ

DJ Ogre will follow me tonight around 9pm don't miss his show.
He promises to eat pig brains.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving!

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To My Readers.

My Friends.
My Family.
My KMRL Family.

Happy Thanksgiving...
Don't forget to tell someone you love them today O.K.?

Monday, November 20, 2006

Starbucks + Radio Show = GOOD MOJO

It was Super Size Weekend at the Mojo!
Saturday morning, where were you? Why were you NOT listening to MYshow? Must I call you and wake you up to join me? OK gimme your number and I will...

So I stayed up WAY too late on Friday night to help our newest DJ SleepingBeauty(see: Jen B.) get her sound check done, considering I had about 3 hours of sleep the night before I was cranky. So when
6:00am rolled around I hit the snooze button and went back to sleep for an hour. I slithered out of bed and stumbled to my computer so I could catch the last hour of Luka's show. She decided to do a three-hour show this weekend. Therefore, I got a bonus hour of her Mojo goodness! Two quadruple shots of espresso, later...I was live.

If I were to do a show on crack...I think it would be like this...

I did not plan my show on purpose. I wanted to see if I could just go live, unscripted, and do a request show with no planning. Guess what? I can. It was the most fun I have had since...ever. I had a FUN crowd in the chat room, and they dictated my play list. I played everything from"Tiffany" to "Lords Of Acid". The requests just kept coming, so I kept playing. My show is usually only 3 hours, but we kind of lost track of time and went 4.5 instead! I do not have another DJ that follows me until
9pm EST so I was gonna go till they pulled the plug on me. I ended up getting some bad new during my I ended it on a happy note, and promised to come back THIS Saturday with even more fun!

You can always download my pod cast, but I am much more fun live baby! 
Do you want to know what starbucks can do to a DJ?

Click above to download my show!

Friday, November 17, 2006

Wake Up Bitches!

...and join me! 

3 wonderful hours of whatever I feel like playing when I drag my happy ass out of bed in the morning!

I had a shitty week at work. I want to kick small puppies. Therefore, I will most likely rant, give you your fashion tip of the week, and play some Fabulous tunage.

Mojoradiolive is where are the kewl kids come to play. I will be live on the air from 12pm-3pm EST (That's 9:00am for you cali kids!) I will be in the chat room. I might take your request...

If you don't come listen...well then...I will cry...and that's sad!

Before my show at 9:00am You can catch DJ LUKA live!

After My show at 9:00pm you can catch DJ Ogre Live
(All Times Are Eastern)

Is It Time For A Change?

I was looking at my blog template yesterday...
I LOVE LOVE LOVE What Lisa over at Elegant Webscapes did for me. However, I have been contemplating a new design. Not so different from what I have now...just maybe a different color scheme or a different pin-up?
What do you think?
(Everyone BUT Franky Can answer this one-I know I know Franky, you have been bitching at me since Blogathon to get a new one!-LOL)

Happy FREAKIN Friday!
Do you KNOW how damn excited I am to see the end of THIS week come?! I honestly thought there was gonna be some bloodshed here at "Idiot Moving & Storage". Luckily, this has been avoided, although the day is not over. Don't worry I have the camera with me in case something good happens.

Will you be sitting at home curled up with a good book tonight? Forget that crap. You can do that ANYTIME...tonight join DJ Darkstar for a trip into his dungeon of debauchery...or something like that. He will be live from 11pm-1am EST onKMRL. We will be in the chat room, we will be having fun...and if you don't join us? YOU will miss the party...and really...don't you wanna be one of the kewl kids?

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

I Want To...

....Punch Rusty In The Face...Like a Bee!

OK so I do love my job. I honestly do. I mean where else can I sit around all day blogging, and listening to KMRL AND get paid for it? However, days like yesterday make me wanna listen to Gwar and punch people. Is that bad?

Rusty who we shall call...Rusty (cause that's his name, YO!) is the senior guy on my crew. Not because he is a particularly GOOD mover. Or even because he is well liked by shippers. It's ONLY because all the rest of the crew has either gone to jail, left or been fired. Therefore, he moved up through the ranks rather quickly in the last year. Now, he thinks his crap doesn't stink...and let me tell DOES!

Yesterday Rusty came into work with a pissy attitude, I don't know why. Maybe it's because he is 22 and has like five kids, and a lazy ass girlfriend who won't get her driver's license? Or maybe it's just because he's Rusty. Either way...when I am instructing him on his daily duties for that day, and he walks out WHILE I am makes me oh....I dunno kinda...hmmmm...BITCHY! I know you are shocked at this right? <----that was my SARCASM font. 

The day went on, and of course, "The Goof Troop" forgot to take mattress cartons to the job. You know...when Rusty decided to walk out...that's when I was telling him what he needed. Soooo...they call me and tell me they have to come back for them. I grumble, but I pull what cartons we had. When they came back, I told them to take mattress bags out for the shipper. Rusty took SOME. They knew they needed larger sized ones on the job...and they KNEW we were out. Why he didn't take what he needed when he was here? I dunno... so he called me and told me to find some mattress bags to fit (shall I pull them out of my ass? It's not a magic ass you know)...Now...I said I would look for some...however *I* am the boss here. You don't TELL me to do anything. I am now thinking the bottle of Jack Daniels hidden in my bathroom is sounding pretty damn good at this point. 

Oh no...It gets better. 

I am on an important phone call when the shipper from today's job walks into my office and says the crew sent HER to come get mattress bags. I smile sweetly, put the important call on hold, and run out into the warehouse. I KNOW we don't have any more, but ya know...lemme look again anyway. I ask my warehouse supervisor (who was busy checking off a military shipment) to look again. Yeah duh, we are out. I then explain to the shipper that the crew has shrink-wrap on the truck and can double shrink-wrap her mattress' at no charge, but let me make sure they have enough with them. I call Rusty, and he yelled AT ME, that I need to go out and find her the bags, because he SAW them out there. (OK Genius, if you saw them...why did you not TAKE them) I explain we did this, and just to shrink-wrap the mattress, so I can get off the phone and get rid of her. Before I can even say, do you have enough shrink...the bastard hangs up on me? I wanted to drive to the job and choke him...but you know...I am lazy. So I pretend I am still on the phone, and smile, and tell the shipper that everything is dandy and she leaves my offices. I get on the phone with Rusty and discipline him and ask yet again, if he has enough shrink. He hangs up...OK whatever. I made a call to the owner and let him know I was going to kill Rusty. He said he would have a talk with him (yeah that helped LAST time), and please don't kill him until the end of the day. (Did I mention I love my boss?) In the meantime...I lost that important phone call I was on cause my hold music sucks. *banging head on desk* 

The day is almost over. My military shipment is almost unloaded and so far, it's gone well, so I am not stressed over it. Then it happens. I knew it would..."The Goof Troop" calls, and needs...that's right...more shrink-wrap. I was just about to say go to hell...when another guy who works here drove up. I sent him instead. Had *I* gone, there would have been bloodshed. Not Mine. Today Rusty came into work and didn't say two words to me. It's best. I am in a great mood. I had a great night. I want to have a GREAT day. I have my boots on today. It's likely if he spoke to me I would snap and kill him, and stuff his body in a vault...We can make things disappear here you know...we do it all the time...I Riiight. My warehouse supervisor just told me he stays up at night thinking of ways to torture Rusty...we are a sick sick bunch of people here at "Idiot Moving & Storage." Please send help.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ In Happier News KITTYN is back and ready to rock your socks off tonight on KMRL. So Tune it in, and turn it up and chair dance your asses off. Join her, and maybe me...ok who am I kidding, you know *I* will be the chat room. Check out her song list, & make a request. The comedy continues when her sidekick (see: Lackey) DJ Darkstar joins her in the "Webkittyn studios" and we are treated to all kinds of witty banter between them. If you aren't listening to Webkittyn Wednesday why not? 
All the kewl kids are doing it!

Monday, November 13, 2006

Dear Ass-Hat!

Dear Mr. Ass-Hat;

You in your giant, Ford F-350, gas-hog, lifted, tinted windowed, overcompensating for what you lack in your pants...bad driver. I hate you! Yes, I truly do. I wish you would smash into a tree and die.

Every DAMN morning I get behind you. It doesn't matter what time I leave my house. It doesn't matter how fast I drive to work. EVERY morning you are there. Either behind me, riding my ass... Ohhhh and the next time you do that? yeah, I am gonna slam on my breaks (because I saw a ghost) and watch you smash into the back of my car. Have you SEEN my car? I need a new one, and you can obviously afford to buy me one. Then there are the times when you race around me, nearly running me off the road, because you sat around scratching yourself all morning watching midget porn, and now YOU are late for your construction job, where you get to bang a big hammer! YAY you! You drive like a complete moron. You switch lanes without a signal. You drive 40 in a school zone, and then when you turn in front of me, as you do every day, you don't think you need to use a turn signal. Why is that? Do you think I can read your pee-sized mind? Well no Mr. shit-for-brains. I CAN'T!

Read My License plate ass-monkey...It says ICEPRINCEZZ for a reason!

Please FUCK-OFF!
Sincerely, Iceprincezz

Sunday, November 12, 2006


Why is someone in Maryland searching for these keywords?

dry, hump, brother, with, howdy, doody 


HOW did this lead them to my blog? 

Will someone please explain this mystery to me!

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Iceprincezz: Let Me See You Dance!

Well I survived my second show on MojoRadioLive.

I still had some audio issues, and I made some mistakes...but I was more relaxed. 


Wanna Hear it?

Click Here

Friday, November 10, 2006

Have A Mojo Radio Live Weekend!

Saturday from 12-3pm EST all you Cats and Kittens need to come join me for the “I Promise Not To Play Debbie Gibson Ever Again Show” show.
Yes, that’s right...I am going to be doing the second official show in my MojoRadio Career. Are you as excited as I am?
OK well I don’t care if you aren’t...come listen anyway!
If you have a request, go ahead and post it here...unless it’s Debbie Gibson...cause I aint playing that...ever...again!
Mojo Radio Live has a Great weekend come play with us, won't you?
11/09/06 Start Your Weekend with KMRL - Two New Shows Friday and Saturday and Old Friends!

Get an early jump on your weekend with cookies and KMRL starting Thursday and make sure to keep an eye on the "What's Playing Now" icon as you never know when someone is going to pop up unexpectedly to give your ears a surprise!

Thursday: Go Back to the 80's, Mojo Radio Live Style!

Pandora and There Can Be Only 80's from 8-10 PM EST! Get ready to dance into the weekend with Pandora as she spins the best of the 80's just for you!

Friday: A New Show, Gimp's Gripes, Tonight Before the Darkhours!

Join the Cynical Gimp from 8PM-9PM EST as he rants and discusses the issues of the disability community as only an insider with a keen mind can! Catch KMRL's second-newest show!

From 11PM-1AM EST it's the hot Friday night show The Darkhours withDarkstar. Quickly becoming (in his mind) almost as popular as WebKittyn herself, the show is different every week and a great way to kick back and explore the darkness within yourself to kickass music.

Saturday: Spend Your Early Saturday with KMRL and Two Sexy DJs and a NEW SHOW in the evening, Nocturnal Emissions!

Up early Saturday morning? Then come join Luka for the Saturday Morning Show from 9AM-11AM EST! Always a lot of fun with just the right music to get you pumped for your weekend, come discover the morning side of KMRL with one of our "9AM Girls!"

Sticking around the house Saturday afternoon? Turn off that TV and get into the mojo with Iceprincezz from 12PM-3PM EST in The Ice Palace! A little kinky, a lot funky and always full of surprises, you couldn't ask for a more entertaining Saturday afternoon show!

Premiering this Saturday night! 
Join Ogre as he brings you Nocturnal Emissions from 9PM-11PM EST! Nocturnal Emissions takes you on a joyride through music. From hard and fast to soft and slow. Back and forth, exploring everything including Metal, Classic Hard Rock, and some Guilty Pleasures, building to a thundering satisfying conclusion. Sounds a little like sex huh?

Sunday: The KMRL Cure to the Sunday Blahs - A Full Lineup of MOJO!

The other half of the "9AM Girls" wakes you up on a Sunday morning! Join Diz from 9AM-11AM EST for My So-Called Radio Show! With a little bit of everything and a lot of panache, Diz will wake you up and get your blood pumping and put a smile on your face!

Don't go out, it's cold outside! Kick back and spend Sunday afternoon with Zo as she brings you The Rant Room from 2PM-5PM EST! A clever mixture of music and talk, Zo has a great show going on and trust us, you don't want to miss some of what the lady has to say!

The Sunday blahs often hit hard at night. Kick those blahs in the balls with Monty as she brings you Monty Does Mojo from 9PM-11PM EST! Music you've forgotten you loved and Monty at her finest, there is no way you'll be feeling anything other than giddy after spending your night with Monty's Mojo!

Wait! We're not done! Bedtime? Helllllllllllll no! Get your ass back here forBinary Blonde as she brings you Digital Tapas from 11PM-12AM EST! This show is guaranteed (or your cookie back!) to get you up off your seat at least once and get you dancing! The hottest dance, trance and techno out there brought to you by a hot blonde who loves Star Trek, animals and good music!

And of course, impromptu shows throughout the weekend as usual and a full rotation update!

Wednesday, November 8, 2006

100 Things...

100 Things...

About Me...

1. I am right handed.

2. I HATE brussel sprouts. I think they are vile.

3. My middle name is Kay.

4. I love to dance.

5. I sleep with a teddy bear.

6. I have no tattoos, nor will I ever get one.

7. I have piercings. (I am not telling you where)

8. I'm not fond of dogs, but I adore anything feline.

9. I am an only child

10. I have never been to Mexico...and have no desire to do so.

11. I think Lima beans taste like dirt.

12. I once ate an entire box of Girl Scout Cookies.

13. I used to be a groupie for Wild Hare(

14. I have a crush on Will Smith.

15. I will never be a size 5.

16. My handwriting looks like a 16 year old girls.

17. I still wish on falling stars.

18. I miss my dad.

19. I love my job.

20. I am addicted to potatoes.

21. I like to garden.

22. I sometimes wonder what I would look like bald.

23. I never want to have children again.

24. I like to flirt.

25. I still (and most likely always will) Love Tom.

26. I never know what to order at Thai food.

27. I buy myself flowers. A Lot.

28. I love the colors red, & pink.

29. I decorate my Christmas tree in a different color theme every year.

30. I am a hopeless romantic.

31. I used to have a horse.

32. I live in a small town.

33. Mel Gibson thinks I am a good singer.

34. I once danced with Prince at an "after concert party".

35. I want to go to Italy some day.

36. I love sushi.

37. When I was little I got my hair stuck around the axel of my "Big Wheel", because I was riding while looking up at the sky, and my hair was down to my butt.

38. I like football.

39. I drink Pepsi NOT coke.

40. I love my car, before it was wrecked.

41. I would rather have a new PC, than a new TV.

42. I am not sure I'll ever find a man to think deep enough to please me.

43. I think my salesman at work is a pervert.

44. I would love to be a singer, but hate what society does to celebrities.

45. I played Everquest for 4 years. I miss it sometimes.

46. I once spent 4 days straight playing everquest without sleeping.

47. I haven't found a game I like enough to play longer than 3 hours at a time(since Everquest).
Edited: Thanks Chief Scientist!

48. I love tradition

49. I love family (blood or otherwise)

50. I once made a friend go through "an official fag hag ceremony" in front of lots of people just to torture her. (There is no such thing)

51. I am no longer friends with her.

52. I wish I had someone to fix dinner for/with every night.

53. I lack creative people in my life.

54. I can't stand Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie.

55. I think fake plants are tacky.

56. I wish more people would use their turn signal.

57. I wonder where the shoes on the side of the road come from.

58. I love to walk on the beach late at night during a full moon.

59. I love to feed the trained sealions at the aquarium. I let the tourists belive I hve trained them, when they do the tricks I signal them to do.

60. I like to make people think.

61. I am charismatic, and can make people do things...even things they don't want to do.

62. I am easily amused.

63. I believe in Love.

64. I believe love is better than money.

65. I prefer chocolate to vanilla.

66. I haved to be coaxed into trying dangerous things, but usually love it.

67. I am a pleaser.

68. I am a giant baby when I am sick.

60. I don't take medication for anything if I can help it. I don't believe in it.

61. I dislike the color blue quite a bit--yet my blog is blue..hmmmm go figure.

62. I build small scale villages as one of my hobbies.

63. I once attended a fetish party with a giant bunny.

64. I can't drive a stick shift car.

65. I can cook, but I don't very often.

66. When I cook, it's usually Italian food.

67. My heritage is English/French.

68. I love snow. I just don't want to live where it snows.

69. I don't take phone calls while Jeopardy is on.

70. I have had a DVD player for 3 years, and never hooked it up.

71. I retiled my kitchen floor one weekend, because I didn't want to mop it. (and it was ugly)

72. I have a giant tiki bar in my back yard.

73. I didn't get my driver's License until I was 19.

74. My Favorite food is by far...shrimp scampi.

75. The avergae cost of a house where I live is $600,000.00.

76. I live in a townhouse instead.

77. I secretly dream of choking the bosses son.

78. I want a pink pony with a glittery tail...really bad.

79. I have tiny feet.

80. I took baton lessons, and can still twirl a baton fairly well.

81. I have kissed a pig.

82. My favorite scent is Vanilla.

83. I hate walnuts.

84. I think spiders are very creepy, yet I was sad when the spider in the corner of my bathroom at work died.

85. I think sunlight is evil, hense why I am pale.

86. I used to make my family call me Nadia Comaneci when I was little.

87. I had a girl mullet once. (I am still mad at you mom)

88. I like anything blueberry.

89. I don't know what my natural hair color is anymore--it used to be very dark brown(nearly black).

90. I love soft beds with lots of pillows.

91. I prefer black ink to blue ink.

92. I bait my own hook, when fishing.

93. I have one friend who knows all my secrets.

94. When I go out with my daughter, people think I am her sister. (I love it/she hates it)

95. I am more like my grandmother, than my mother.

96. I am terrible at sports.

97. I am addicted to Starbucks. (triple venti mocha)

98. I am terrible with math.

99. I am musically inclined.

100. I am glad this survey is over.

Tuesday, November 7, 2006


I actually had a show on KMRL on Saturday.
OK so it wasn't the best show to ever air on the station. In fact, it was most likely the worst, however...I was just happy to have finally gotten it all together. It was a long road to get there but I think it was worth it. I had a lot of fun, and I learned a lot in the process. I learned a lot about new friends, old friends, who my REAL friends are, and a LOT about me.

The night before I had all but given up since I was still plagued with sound issues even after a new sound card, install. (Thanks Jen for donating a new sound card to my cause!) Unfortunately, that made things worse. After three hours of Clark redoing everything back and forth. I said, "I'm done!" I gave up and sent him home to his wife. I sat down to listen to The Dark Hours, since I was home anyway. That didn't cheer me fact it only made me feel worse, knowing that I wouldn't be able to do a show the next I went to bed and cried myself to sleep like a big emotional baby. I was tired, emo, and ready to kick small puppies to the moon.

I hate that about me. I need to work out, or do Yoga or something for a release so I don't spew forth onto people I care about. I have no idea why I was feeling the way I was. Maybe weeks of frustration, and self-doubt had mounted to that point. I am a cancer, so we do that. We just hold it all in, until it's just too much and the person closest to us at that point ends up with our wrath. So if I was horrible to you on Friday, I am sorry.

For those of you who helped me through all this, either on the technical end or just the emotional support, and friendship. Thank you. I love you guyz!
After my show on Saturday, I felt like going out and hugging random people. good MOJO!


Today's Mojo Radio Live Lineup includes: 

Kittyn Kitsch. She does a talk show (when she has something to talk about) from 3pm-4pm EST. 

The Deathsquad Show: Metal/Punk/Other with DJ Deathsquad. There's Gwar here. Be afraid. Deathsquad rants like no one else, this is good stuff. 9pm-11pm EST.

Friday, November 3, 2006

National Sandwich Day...

It's Friday! You know, that means I am tired, and by the end of the day I will be cranky and need a nap. However, there is good news...

Today is National Sandwich Day. Have you hugged your sandwich yet? Wait...that's probably not correct. I think it probably means you need to eat a sandwich or something. So Go...and bring me one too K

Thursday, November 2, 2006

I'd Like To Buy A Clue...

...For our friend Nate.

He called Tuesday night. I did not answer. (To be fair, my phone was shut off)

He called last night. I didn't answer. I was having a better conversation on line with a hot guy who did not tell me how much he owned.

He called 15 freaking minutes later. I STILL did not answer.

What part of I don't go out monday-wednesday was not clear?! He left yet another message containing the word "holla" and "late" asking me if I wanted to "hang tonight". I'm not sure what the hell that actually means, but perhaps when Nate figures out how to speak in complete grammatically correct sentences, I'll answer the phone. Until then, he can enjoy dating my voice mailbox.

Wednesday, November 1, 2006

We Shall Call Him Nate...

'Cause that's his name.

I know I am not feeling very creative these days...but read on anyway won't you? Good!

JenB and I went to a little Halloween party the other night at a bar we hadn't been to in a long time. The last time we were there things got ugly so we decided it just wasn't worth it. Our Friend Veigny was doing his karaoke show there, and Jen wanted another excuse to wear her costume so off we went.

We got there and immediately there were way too many people for my liking. Maybe I should clarify. Way too many people I don't LIKE. We got a table and sang one sing right away. I was having an OK time when Jen exclaimed she was "over it". At that point, I figured I should just choke her. This was HER idea. I was against it from the beginning, as it was a "work night" for me, and I am kind of over this going out during the week more than once. I got a sitter, put on 10 lbs. of makeup, and teased my hair. We were staying damn it!

As the night progressed, and the men (boyz) became more intoxicated I guess I suddenly looked like someone who would date them, because they started to talk to me. (Note to self: get scarier costume next year.) Bachelor number 1 was dressed in a mullet wig and a "PONY" shirt. Yes, I frequently date men who don't look like they took much time to think of a costume...or was it a costume? I dunno...either way. NO! Then we have Nate. His friend had to talk to me for him. What are we in high school? The conversation went something like this....

"Hey, my friend wants to know what you are drinking."

OK THIS guy (Nate's friend) is not in costume, he is dressed like he just got off a field of some sort. He kind of smells funny.

"Um why? Is he taking a survey?"


OK Nate's friend has no sense of humor, this is futile.

"Stoli cran."

"What's that?"

"Stoli, and cranberry."

"What's Stoli?

Shaking head in disbelief "It's VODKA"


He looks at his friend and says something, then he asks what Jen is drinking, and I say the same. She wasn't really drinking, but a free drink is a free drink. They returned shortly with a couple of drinks, set them down and walked away. I just looked at Jen and shrugged. Of course, I thought they probably put that date rape drug in there or something and were waiting for us to fall over. They returned again and started talking to us. Well, Nate started talking to me. Jen and Nate's friend just sat quietly next to each other trying not to make eye contact.

Nate decided the best way to impress me would be to tell me about much crap he owns. OK this is about the WORST thing you can do. I am NOT materialistic. I have a job. I support myself. Men who think they can buy me offend me. I am NOT like that. Hey Nate...I don't care if you have a’s in BAKERSFIELD. I'd rather live in the warehouse at work, than live in Bakersfield! This debacle continues with him asking for my number. I know I know I should have given him the reject number, but I was afraid I would see him again somewhere and he'd kill me in the parking lot. I gave him my number. I honestly didn't think he would even remember to call, but alas, he did. First of all I told him I could not go out Mon-Wed as I have my kids and this Monday was a special occasion. Secondly I told him I work early in the morning and don't usually take calls after 9pm. (Of course my friends or hot guyz are the exceptions) Third, I told him I don't hang out in Paso(the town we were in) except to go to work.

I had spent most of the evening on line with a friend of mine talking about shoes, then went to bed early. (I lead an exciting life don't I?) My phone had died earlier in the day and I had forgotten to put it on the charger so when I turned it on this morning I had a message from Nate on my voice mail. He was asking me if I wanted to hang out with him Paso tongiht. WTF!?

Please please please men...when you call a girl you are interested in, unless she is dressed in a trucker hat turned sideways and a "bootylicious" T-shirt do not ever use the words "Holla" and "peace-out". Do I LOOK like I am auditioning for "Flavor of Love" to you? NO! You live in Bakersfield, not Oakland. You are not kewl because you speak all ghetto. NO NO NO! Have some class...'aight!?

I will not be "Hollering" at Nate in the near future...or...ever.