Wednesday, November 8, 2006

100 Things...

100 Things...

About Me...

1. I am right handed.

2. I HATE brussel sprouts. I think they are vile.

3. My middle name is Kay.

4. I love to dance.

5. I sleep with a teddy bear.

6. I have no tattoos, nor will I ever get one.

7. I have piercings. (I am not telling you where)

8. I'm not fond of dogs, but I adore anything feline.

9. I am an only child

10. I have never been to Mexico...and have no desire to do so.

11. I think Lima beans taste like dirt.

12. I once ate an entire box of Girl Scout Cookies.

13. I used to be a groupie for Wild Hare(

14. I have a crush on Will Smith.

15. I will never be a size 5.

16. My handwriting looks like a 16 year old girls.

17. I still wish on falling stars.

18. I miss my dad.

19. I love my job.

20. I am addicted to potatoes.

21. I like to garden.

22. I sometimes wonder what I would look like bald.

23. I never want to have children again.

24. I like to flirt.

25. I still (and most likely always will) Love Tom.

26. I never know what to order at Thai food.

27. I buy myself flowers. A Lot.

28. I love the colors red, & pink.

29. I decorate my Christmas tree in a different color theme every year.

30. I am a hopeless romantic.

31. I used to have a horse.

32. I live in a small town.

33. Mel Gibson thinks I am a good singer.

34. I once danced with Prince at an "after concert party".

35. I want to go to Italy some day.

36. I love sushi.

37. When I was little I got my hair stuck around the axel of my "Big Wheel", because I was riding while looking up at the sky, and my hair was down to my butt.

38. I like football.

39. I drink Pepsi NOT coke.

40. I love my car, before it was wrecked.

41. I would rather have a new PC, than a new TV.

42. I am not sure I'll ever find a man to think deep enough to please me.

43. I think my salesman at work is a pervert.

44. I would love to be a singer, but hate what society does to celebrities.

45. I played Everquest for 4 years. I miss it sometimes.

46. I once spent 4 days straight playing everquest without sleeping.

47. I haven't found a game I like enough to play longer than 3 hours at a time(since Everquest).
Edited: Thanks Chief Scientist!

48. I love tradition

49. I love family (blood or otherwise)

50. I once made a friend go through "an official fag hag ceremony" in front of lots of people just to torture her. (There is no such thing)

51. I am no longer friends with her.

52. I wish I had someone to fix dinner for/with every night.

53. I lack creative people in my life.

54. I can't stand Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie.

55. I think fake plants are tacky.

56. I wish more people would use their turn signal.

57. I wonder where the shoes on the side of the road come from.

58. I love to walk on the beach late at night during a full moon.

59. I love to feed the trained sealions at the aquarium. I let the tourists belive I hve trained them, when they do the tricks I signal them to do.

60. I like to make people think.

61. I am charismatic, and can make people do things...even things they don't want to do.

62. I am easily amused.

63. I believe in Love.

64. I believe love is better than money.

65. I prefer chocolate to vanilla.

66. I haved to be coaxed into trying dangerous things, but usually love it.

67. I am a pleaser.

68. I am a giant baby when I am sick.

60. I don't take medication for anything if I can help it. I don't believe in it.

61. I dislike the color blue quite a bit--yet my blog is blue..hmmmm go figure.

62. I build small scale villages as one of my hobbies.

63. I once attended a fetish party with a giant bunny.

64. I can't drive a stick shift car.

65. I can cook, but I don't very often.

66. When I cook, it's usually Italian food.

67. My heritage is English/French.

68. I love snow. I just don't want to live where it snows.

69. I don't take phone calls while Jeopardy is on.

70. I have had a DVD player for 3 years, and never hooked it up.

71. I retiled my kitchen floor one weekend, because I didn't want to mop it. (and it was ugly)

72. I have a giant tiki bar in my back yard.

73. I didn't get my driver's License until I was 19.

74. My Favorite food is by far...shrimp scampi.

75. The avergae cost of a house where I live is $600,000.00.

76. I live in a townhouse instead.

77. I secretly dream of choking the bosses son.

78. I want a pink pony with a glittery tail...really bad.

79. I have tiny feet.

80. I took baton lessons, and can still twirl a baton fairly well.

81. I have kissed a pig.

82. My favorite scent is Vanilla.

83. I hate walnuts.

84. I think spiders are very creepy, yet I was sad when the spider in the corner of my bathroom at work died.

85. I think sunlight is evil, hense why I am pale.

86. I used to make my family call me Nadia Comaneci when I was little.

87. I had a girl mullet once. (I am still mad at you mom)

88. I like anything blueberry.

89. I don't know what my natural hair color is anymore--it used to be very dark brown(nearly black).

90. I love soft beds with lots of pillows.

91. I prefer black ink to blue ink.

92. I bait my own hook, when fishing.

93. I have one friend who knows all my secrets.

94. When I go out with my daughter, people think I am her sister. (I love it/she hates it)

95. I am more like my grandmother, than my mother.

96. I am terrible at sports.

97. I am addicted to Starbucks. (triple venti mocha)

98. I am terrible with math.

99. I am musically inclined.

100. I am glad this survey is over.

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