Thursday, November 1, 2007

Write A Book She Says...

So, Queenie thinks I should write a book about a guy who loves his dog too much. That's the story of my life. They always love something more than me, and they never have the balls to just break up with me in a normal fashion. It's almost like they sit and plot the whole relationship on just how they are going to break up with me. I believe all of these guys got together and planned this so they can see who can out-do each other. It's funny looking back on it now, and I doubt anyone would believe me, but perhaps I will write a book. It would, if nothing else be shelved under comedy. That would be enough to make me happy... well that and the mass quantity of money I would make.

Then I could afford to have a crack-house (Sonic) put right in my own backyard and then I could have Ched-R-Peppers any time I want!