Monday, January 30, 2006

I like Even Numbers...and Cake

I stole this from Bored at The Beach. A Little bit more about Me!

Four Jobs I have had:

1) Quality Assurance for a Call Center
2) Operations manager for a moving company
3) Manager of an Italian food joint.
4) Owned my own Rubber Stamp Business

Four Movies I could watch over and over:

1) The Princess Bride
2) Casablanca
3) Sleepless in Seattle
4) Sixteen Candles

Four Places I have lived:

1) Atascadero, Ca
2) La Mesa, Ca
3) Fresno, Ca
4) Cincinatti, OH

Four TV shows I love to watch:

1) Family Guy
2) Cops
3) Do The Bounty Hunter
4) Inked

Four places I have been on vacation:

1) Graceland
2) Mount Rushmore
3) Deadwood
4) Mississippi Gulf Coast

Four blogs I visit daily: (even though I don't have time to comment much)

1) Bored At The Beach
2) I am, therefore I date
3) Satirical Veracity
4) Love and Marriage

Four favorite foods:

1) Anything Spicy!
2) Pasta
3) Shrimp
4) Anything Chocolate

Four Places I would Rather Be:

1) Singing for a crowd
2) Shopping
3) At home in Bed
4) At the beach

Four Vehicles I have owned:

1996 Nissan Sentra
1978 Buick LaSabre
1988 Ford Escort
1990 Ford Tempo

Four Bands/Musical Artists I Love:

1) Kelly Clarkson
2) Evenescence
3) Heart
4) Wild Hare

Four People (non-family) that I can always depend on:

1) Tisha
2) Jenne
3) Jen
4) Scoopy

Four Favorite Restaurants:

1) Papa Tommy's
2) A.J. Spurs
3) Steamers
4) Sushi(there are several places I LOVE)

Four Things I Love About Spring:

2) Everything is new and fresh
3) Easter
4) The Weather

Four Things I Love About Summer:

1) Sunsets at 9pm
2) Cute clothes
3) Outdoor parties/bbq's
4) Swimming

Four Things I Love About Autumn:

1) Leaves
2) Football starts
3) The air is crisp
4) Kids go away to school!

Four Things I Love About Winter:

1) Snuggling when it's cold
2) Cooking
3) Christmas
4) Playing in The Snow

Friday, January 27, 2006

I Don't ThinkYou Are As Funny As You Think You Are...

What are friends for?

It was freak night in Karaoke land. Jen had talked me into going out last night for a fun filled evening of drinks, boys with mohawks, and bad karaoke(ourselves excluded of course). I was sporting my best copper shoes and handbag. I had lots of make-up on I smelled good, and I had taken my "crack" otherwise known as "TrimSpa". I was ready to rumble.

We knew the night was going to go bad when the first singer approached the dance floor, and there waiting for her was a poorly dressed, mullet clad man/girl. Man/girl decided to do her meth and come visit us in karaoke land. It seemed like a really good idea to her, however we were not happy about it. She lingered in front of the first singer's face while doing something that may have been dancing in some third world country. he would rock back and forth with her/his hands in his/her front pockets while smiling like a lost puppy. His/her lack of teeth made this especially pretty. When it was Jen's turn to sing I knew that man/girl would try the same thing with her. I warned her though, cause I am a good friend like that you know.

Debi: That freaky person is going to get all up on you. I am going to laugh.

Jen B: I am gonna knock her out if she does.

Debi: Her?

Jen B.: Well whatever it is!

Friday, January 20, 2006

My Limes Keep Falling Out Of My Chicken

Conversations with CG are always interesting, sometimes funny, sometimes they make my head hurt. This is one of those times. 

CG: I am making Chicken for Dinner.

Debi: UH huh, what kind of chicken?

CG: Lemon Pepper Chicken, on my rotisserie .

Debi: Sounds good.

CG: You don't like rotisserie chicken do you?
(Um didn't I JUST say that sounds good?)

Debi: Why would you say that? I have never told you that I don't like rotisserie chicken. Chicken is Chicken. I like all chicken.

CG: Oh well I just thought you didn't. You think lime would be good on it?

Debi: Yes. Lime is good on everything.

CG: Maybe I'll try that. 

Debi: Good Plan.

CG: The limes keep falling out of the chicken's butt.

Debi: uh...What?! (why is he stuffing the chicken's butt???)

CG: HEY! One made two rotations, but the other one keeps rolling out.

Debi: Um...Ok well I should get back to work.

CG: What? No! Ok why won't this lime stay in the chicken?

Debi: You know after like, the tenth time it rolled out I would have thrown it across the room and given up.

CG: I see.
(Whenever CG says "I see." It means he is not listening. That to me meant he is STILL trying to stuff said lime in said Chicken's hiney....Still unknown WHY)

Debi: So Um I will call you when I get home.

CG: OK. #@$*('ing LIME!

Debi: Yeah well you know I am gonna BLOG about this.

CG: Ok Bye.

Debi: OK Yeah um bye.

I talked to CG later that night. I don't know if he ever got that lime in there or not. He started talking about the thin skin around a chicken's butt, and I just changed the subject. There was a blinding pain behind my left eye.

Happy Friday!