Friday, December 29, 2006

Happy New Year...Let's Boogie!

OK So I skipped last week so I could get a million and 1 things done...and I got like...1 thing done. That’s sad.

However, I will be there doing my live show THIS Saturday. That’s right! It’s going to be, my New Years Eve EVE Show.

I promise I will play my usual cheesey stuff, take some requests, make a few dedications, and all of our usual craziness.

12-3pm <---Go there RIGHT NOW!

Be there or I will have Sleeping Beauty kick your butt! (She can you know)


Friday, December 22, 2006

HO HO HO, There Will Be No Show

OK Cats & Kittens I am sad to say I won't be doing a radio show tomorrow morning/afternoon as scheduled. The holiday madness, and my great ski pole injury have caused me to get way behind in all of my tasks. I will be back NEXT Saturday (12/30/06) bringing you my usual craziness & cookies. 

Have a fabulous Christmas. 

Tell someone how special they are to you today...

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Virtual Christmas Party

I am having a Virtual Christmas Party this Saturday and you are all invited!
A bunch of my friends have decided to have a virtual christmas party.
Where oh where is the best place to have a Party? KMRL of course!
Date: 12/16/06
Time: 12-3pm(or longer if we are all still having fun) EST.
I’ll be playing Lots of Christmas Music, so if you have a favorite let me know so I can get it before Saturday!
No Need to RSVP ...Just BE there!!!!!

Friday, December 15, 2006

I Feel Like a Shish Kabob..

Running with scissors, swinging ski poles, pointing a gun at someone...are all things that you should avoid to prevent accidental blood loss...
I'm just saying...
It's all fun and games until someone ends up with a hole in his or her leg...
Yesterday one of the movers from our sister office came in to help off-load a storage lot that was coming into our warehouse. There happened to be ski poles in this storage lot. He decided he was Babe Ruth, and started swinging them like a baseball bat.

I said, as I walked into the warehouse. "Someone is going to get hurt...knock it off."

Right then one of the ski poles flew out of his hand, and into my leg. It didn’t stick, and it didn't rip my jeans, but OH MY Gawd that hurt. I glared and walked back into the office, thinking I would go to my desk and wallow in pain in private. Then I looked down and noticed that I was not only leaving a trail of blood, but my jeans were sopping with it. (Insert panic here)

I ran into the bathroom and took off my pants. I looked down to find a 4-inch gash on my leg spewing blood. OK I hate blood; I hate the thought of losing blood out of my leg. So I sat there looking at the blood before I realized...Ewww...I have to make that stop. I'm lucky I didn't faint and bash my head open too. I grabbed the first aid kit out of the cabinet and played doctor. I tried to clean up my jeans, socks and boots...but I think all but the boots are a total loss. I spent the rest of the afternoon wincing in pain at my desk.

I'm now damaged goods, and will prolly never meet "Mr. Right" and live happily ever after...and it's all Kyle's fault. I got home and cleaned up the wound some more and changed the bandage. Looking at it, I probably should have had stitches, but now instead I will have a great big scar from "The Great Ski Pole Incident Of '06".
Just another typical day for me...

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Is It Me?...

Or do I have this giant magnet on me that attracts insane people?Seriously.

It's 4:50pm. I am just wrapping things up here at the office and I am just about to walk out the door. The phone rings. I shouldn't have answered it, but I did. It was "Nutjob storage lady". She had called the day before around 5:00 and I had already left so there was voice mail waiting for me when I got in yesterday. She needed to speak to me about the weight of her shipment, the cubic feet of her shipment, and about getting a copy of her inventories. When she called me yesterday, she started off, fairly normal. I asked how she was and asked what I could do for her.She started by telling me that she had been in litigation about something or another for the last 35 years. (There's a shock---and why do *I* care?) She asked if I had gotten her voice mail message. I explained that I did, and I would be happy to forward her a copy of the inventories of her belongings. I then explained that her shipment was never weighed, as that is not standard procedure to come into storage, and that is why I couldn't give her this information. When she demanded that it be weighed. I explained to her that we would NOT be doing that. We COULD do that, but then we would have to charge her for labor etc to take everything out of her storage, load it onto a truck, and take it to a weigh station. Year right...not gonna happen.

She flipped out. 

She said she need the information in order to determine if she wanted to take out more insurance on her shipment. Well...that has nothing to do with the coverage of her goods, and I explained that to her....or rather tried...but she talked over the top of me so she didn't hear me. Of course that is probably the one thing that will piss me off quicker then anything. I am explaining your contract...don't be a know it all, and cut me no no...don't EVER talk over the top of me. That makes me want to kill you. 

I take a deep breath, and remember *I* am the pro at this. I can do this...just be nice, and calm, and empathetic. Ok so I tried that...she shouted at me, she said nasty things about my ability to work here. SHE is the onw who is reading thins wrong. I know this, it's NOT me. I still lost it. I said "You know what Mrs. XXXXXX? I am going to refer you to my boss, who is also the owner of the company, as you don't seem to want to deal with me." That usually gets rid of their attitude, but OH no...when you are insane, it works just the opposite...silly me. How could I not know this? So...she then says "No! You won't refer me to anyone, I am dealing with you. I will call you back in a few days, and hopefully by then you will have someone explain the contract to you, that you clearly don't understand. I won't deal with anyone else, and I don't want to hear it, I am terminating this phone call" I tried to calm her down and explain to her that she needed to tell me what form she was looking at so maybe I could assist her better, as she was claiming that she was reading something on the contract that does NOT exsist... she said "I don't have time for this, and I am standing on a public phone in the rain" I said "Mrs. XXXXX, you just told me you needed a copy of your contract sent to you, if you don't HAVE a copy then how can you tell me you read it?" She spouted something about I am a fool and need to learn how to run a business, and said again that she was terminating this phone call and how I had better be prepared the next time she called me. 

I hung up on her.

I told my boss what had happened, when he called this morning. He said he would give her 30 days to get her things out of storage, and I wouldn't have to deal with her anymore. He would handle it. I have been in some form of conflict reslolution, Customer service, quality assurance, or retention position all of my life. It's what I am trained to do, it's what I am good at. I don't feel bad that I couldn't keep this woman happy, and retain her business. In fact I probably did my employer a favor. He will thank me...I just know it.

Friday, December 8, 2006

People Are Stupid...

I mean not ALL people...but a lot ok?

Yesterday (read: all freaking week) was a nightmare at work. Now I know I complain about "Idiot Moving & Storage" a lot, but I LOVE my job. I LOVE answering the phones. I LOVE being able to educate people on the best way to either move across the country, across the world, or across town. I love it when at the end of their move they take the time to send me a thank-you card and let me know *I* made a difference in their craptacular move, because moving IS stressful. I love the fact that I have enough free time during the day to e-mail friends, and chat on the phone with my mom about her Pond a la "little shop of horrors". It's nice to have a job that I actually want to get out of bed for, and sometimes actually look forward to going to. That's the way all jobs should be. Yesterday, I should have stayed in bed. Seriously...

We had a local move booked through our sister office in San Luis Obispo. The boss’s son (complete waste of space) had taken the call and booked the move over the phone. All I had to do was type the paperwork and send "The Goof Troop" on their merry little way. The night before the move the boss called and said The Goof Troop would be helping a road driver with a "tiny little thing" BEFORE my local. OK so stilllll no problem. I was going to call the shipper and let her know. The boss said have the guys do it in the morning when they know they are going to be there. OK...Bad plan...but OK. So The Goof Troop comes in and I TELL them, TWICE that they need to call their shipper as soon as they get to Job #1 and advise of a time when they will be at her house. Yeah ok...what WAS I thinking? Really...Pick up a phone, and dial those big scary numbers? OMG no...To actually do that would require my crew to actually have half a freakin brain of which they do not have. So on the way out the door to job #1 the crew is so busy grabbing each other's asses...or whatever it is that they do that makes information slide out of their heads...that they didn't call the shipper. So now, we will call her is angry. (Well...come to find out she had been angry for the past 4 days at pretty much everyone so it's not all together our she will be called bitch.) She calls the SLO office. They tell her we will be right out there, and we CAN start without her being there. WRONG, NO, NOT going to happen. I call my crew and tell them NOT to enter the residence or start until she gets there, as this is a liability, one I am not going to get my butt in a ringer over. One of the guys tells me there are open topped boxes everywhere, some things not packed, and the house is filthy dirty inside and out from what they can see in the windows. Now the shipper finally arrives back at her residence, and to be fair my crew was screwing around playing basketball in her driveway. (Yes I know...they are asshats) of course she is going to be angry; However she made the fatal mistake. She called me, and started shouting at me. I don't care how freaking angry you are at my company, and my crew...don't ever shout at me, as it makes me all mean and then I am less likely to be nice to you, and then I will blog about your filthy, unprepared ass behind your back and send all kind of porn to your new address in your husband's name....Maybe. Maybe not. So I explain to her what liability means (idiot) and explain how yes I know the crew was wrong, and yes they will be punished for it (most likely not) and we are very sorry. Now she is somewhat happier, but now starts spouting off how The Goof Troop is going to damage her furniture on purpose. OK my guys are stupid, and some times slow, and maybe even drop something on accident...but ya know what? NO, they are NOT going to throw your crap on to the truck and break it on purpose. They aren't THAT bad. I know these guys. I have spent more time with these guys over the past 2.5 years than I have any of my I KNOW them. Move on lady or I am going to call my crew in and let you move your own filth. We finally come to an agreement that my crew is dumb, but she will let them continue. (What a gal eh?) Hours pass and my boss, who is out of town, calls me and asks if I had killed the goof troop yet. I explained everything was ok and he thanked me for doing a great job. So...I am happy and I am content, and my day is almost over.
Not So Much...

I get a fax from one of my customer's who is in our storage facility. Let's call her Nut job. Nut job came to us when another moving company in the area closed down. We ended up taking over her storage. I sent her a new storage contract, explained her rates would not change, and invoiced her for the month of September. She called me one day when I was home from work sick. She left me five... (Who leaves five messages?) messages on my voice mail. She said that she didn't like the date that was on the invoice, and she expected us to send her a receipt every month. I drafted a letter off to her explaining that I do not send additional receipts. I can send a statement of payments with each invoice, if that would help. She called me a few days later and explained that she could not use her phone very much because she was sure it was being tapped. She also said that the "Other Company" had given her receipts, and changed their billing dates for her. I explained as politely as I could, that we were NOT the other company, but agreed to sending her a receipt so she would get off my phone and stop telling me how aliens have been trying to contact her, and all insurance companies have it out for her, because she is a woman. (Insert look of horror here.) So now, it's October, and she sends the check for her storage to my San Luis Obispo Office. (Even though she has been provided with my address here, because it's at the top of the invoice) They get the payment, and a letter from her, by the time they open it, and process it, it's been a couple of weeks. She is worried again about the date at the top of the invoice. *I* am the only one who sees that invoice. Some people send their checks in at the beginning of the month, and some send them at the end of the month, either way there is no late fee, and I don't report any of this to any credit agency. I have explained this to her twice now. So I draft her letter (again because we can't call her) and explain to her that I will NOT be changing the billing date on my invoices, and it isn't a problem if she sends her check in on the fourth of the month. I put this in the envelope with her invoice so I can save a stamp. When I get the fax from her, it says..."why does your mail come from Santa Barbara?"(Which is south of us--and she is north) Um...WTF? A) WHO CARES!? B) Shouldn't you be harassing the post office about that? C) I dunno and I don't care! Then she starts DEMANDING I change my billing date. I am so gonna get a big purple crayon and 'x' out the date and write in there "whenever the hell you want". Then she is asking me why the SLO office hasn't deposited her check from October yet. I don't know...that's what they do, it's stupid, but they own the company...what can I do? Oh and she keeps misspelling my damn last name! I am so over it. I tried to be nice, but she is clearly INSANE. I am going to keep sending the invoices to her the way I have them. I am NOT going to respond anymore to her crazy demands. If she wants to take her $40.00 per month out of here, then that's fine, because no one else would take her nutty ass.
I take a deep breath and look at the clock. Ahhh 4:30 Free and clear. Just 30 minutes left. Fate looked at me and said: " will be tortured right up to the very last minute."

My crew and I were in the office talking about all the nutty goodness that had just taken place, when a freight driver drives up to pick up something in our warehouse. My hours are clearly posted 1pm-4pm for receiving. Now if he were a driver that had not been in here before I would have pointed that out, and sent him away but this guy had been turned away, by me, before for coming in after 4pm. He came in and stood in the office kind of looking around. One of my local crew says "He needs to pick up something"

Without even looking up from what I was doing (because now I am so over this day I wanna kick puppies) I say "Well then he can come back during receiving hours, which he knows." Then I continued on shuffling papers on my desk without making eye contact.

He just stood there. So finally, I said. "You know the hours here. I'm sorry my warehouseman has gone for the day, your dispatch needs to call me first, and I have told you this." So Mr. Cocky Pants looks at me and says "You close at 5." all smart ass like. My crew then ran out the front door, because they knew he was about to get my wrath.
I was speechless. How could this clown argue with me? He's lucky I didn't come across my desk and kick him in his "dickey-clad" nuts. Typically, I would have given him a verbal beating that would have made him cry, but I figured the words would be wasted on him so instead I just kind of mumbled something about "Not for Receiving" and glared at him until he left.

At five I crawled out the door...looking forward to a giant glass of wine.

Tonight I will finally have that glass of wine.
I Will listen to
"The Dark Hours"
Mojo radio live
...and everything will be all better...right?

Thursday, December 7, 2006

I Used To Be Funnier...

...I was reading some of my old entries in my blog...PRE-CG...and I was a lot funnier. What happened? I think CG stole my funny. I am now just angry all the time...and bitter...and I'd re-name my blog the daily bitch, but that's I guess I just better get funnier or something.

By the way...I had a crappy day at work. I blame stupidity. Not MINE of course...More later...when I am funny again.

It's Secret Santa Time...

...and I got mine!
YEAH! I *Heart* Secret Sanata stuff...and Now I get to go out, and but something fabulous for my secret santa buddy...and make someone all warm and fuzzy!!!
...GO ME!

Wednesday, December 6, 2006


Have you ever made a choice, a simple insignificant choice, which changed your life in a way that you never thought it would?

Reflecting on the past year again...*sigh* Why do I do this? I try very hard not to look back on the past except as "lesson learned, move on...” type information. So why today am I in this mood?

I mean I really like who I am, and I really like my life. I even like the recent evolutions that have been taking place with me. I am not missing much in my I have nothing to be poopy about. Yet I sometimes get this way.

I am looking forward to next year, next month, the next evolution...Hopefully the correct choices will be made.

Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Reflecting On Fables

Some days, talking to your friends is like looking in a mirror...
My ex boyfriend suddenly died a couple of weeks ago of high blood pressure. He was 40. We had been over for a while, and frankly, he was abusive to me, but we had moved on from that. We had become friends again. He was raised in an abusive home, and the cycle continued. He got a lot of help over the years, and seemed like he was back on track. He had a girlfriend, a job, and had really cleaned up his life. You know what's sad? I told my friends about his death and all they could say was, "wow that sucks...wanna go out tonight?” He will most likely won't be remember by anyone in my circle for anything but being abusive to me. I don't make excuses for what he did to me...but I am sad that he had to die...and have no one care.

I was sitting here a little while ago and I was reflecting on the last year. What have I achieved? If I suddenly died today...what would people remember me for? Seriously. I couldn't think of anything great people would say about me. I could think a lot of people would probably say how horrible I was to them, or how mean I was. Who would miss me? Would someone besides my children (and at this point I debate if my daughter would actually miss me-or just my wallet) actually be sad?

I spent the first part of this year in a relationship with a man who used me for money, while he made an insane amount of money but lied to me about it. I put a lot of things in Jeopardy, including my freedom for this man. It was my fault. I could have said no to anything he wanted, but I thought I was helping someone who truly needed my help. What a waste of ten months, and a whole lot of money. What would I remember? How foolish I was.

I spent the summer feeling crappy about myself because I believed that the way I looked should be dictated by one person's opinion. I turned thatfelling into meanness, and hatred towards people *I* believed were prettier than me, or better than me at something I was good at. I was shown this last weekend, that I was wrong, and I have been bringing a lot of stress, and grief and rejection on myself because *I* believed those "prettier people" couldn't like me. Wasted friendships.

The last few months, I have been living in this "Fairytale World". The world where everything is great and wonderful and no one gets sick and dies. The world where everyone is nice to each other and everyone is friends. The world where no one gets hurt and no one leaves me. The world where everyone can find someone to love. I guess that too was just a fable I created because it was better than "Normal".
I don't think I like that mirror anymore.

Monday, December 4, 2006

Baby, It's Cold Outside...

I am starting to feel a bit better from my cold.

I still have hardly any voice left, and I wish I could sleep for about 4 days straight, but at least I am at work today. It's freezing in my office. I have the heat on, but for some reason where I seemed to have put my desk is in this little zone of coldness. My files cabinets are nice and toasty though. THAT's important. So who is gonna come warm me up?

I need someone to pay my bills so I can sit around all day playing, and not have to work. Wouldn't that be nice? I know what I need! I need a sugar daddy! Honestly I'd probably be bored outta my mind if I didn't work...oh yes and I would have absolutely no sense of self maybe I should rethink this dream?

Saturday night I got the chance to get all dressed up and celebrate my friend Mel's yacht coming into town. I didn't know that was an occasion for a formal party, but I love to play dress-up, so I went even though I was feeling kind of poopy still. Write this down. DO IT! If you ever take Jen to a classy party, don't give her whiskey...and if you do...hide those little packets of butter ok? By the end of the night, my feet hurt from dancing in my new shoes, I had a headache from all the free wine, I think I got hit with about 3 seashells that my uber classy friend decided to throw at each other, and I was ready to fall into bed and wake-up very late. I had fun, but it wasn't what I expected.

It's DJ Appreciation week over at KMRL. If you haven't got the chance to listen, or if you have been listening to some of our DJ's and you haven't popped into the chat room< it this week. Come in and just say HI, and maybe tell them what a great show they have? These DJ's are working hard getting great music, planning themes, and spending their free time to entertain YOU. It only takes 5 minutes out of your life and I promise it will make their day! If you are shy...drop them an E-mail...they love the attention!