Thursday, November 1, 2007

Write A Book She Says...

So, Queenie thinks I should write a book about a guy who loves his dog too much. That's the story of my life. They always love something more than me, and they never have the balls to just break up with me in a normal fashion. It's almost like they sit and plot the whole relationship on just how they are going to break up with me. I believe all of these guys got together and planned this so they can see who can out-do each other. It's funny looking back on it now, and I doubt anyone would believe me, but perhaps I will write a book. It would, if nothing else be shelved under comedy. That would be enough to make me happy... well that and the mass quantity of money I would make.

Then I could afford to have a crack-house (Sonic) put right in my own backyard and then I could have Ched-R-Peppers any time I want!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

So There I was Sitting In My Livingroom...

...and I was wondering why exactly I took 7 days off of work to do absolutely nothing.

Seriously, there was no reason to take a vacation. I mean I planned this great vacation, complete with great guy. Unfortunately, the best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry. Or in my case when I make plans with men who are really mice, they always go wrong. That's OK. I won't make that mistake again. Next year I am going to go on vacation alone, or take one of my girlfriends. Or maybe just not take a vacation... or maybe take a vacation to a place where I can meet a great guy, and never see him again. In any event SG will not be there.

So I guess this closes the chapter on SG. It was a lovely romantic fantasy, but when reality set in he decided he was better off living in his fantasy world where the only thing he has to do is go to work, ride his motorcycle and play with his dog. I wish him much luck in keeping that dream alive. I really do, but sadly I need more than a man who has an aversion to wearing shirts, and has an unnatural affection for his dog.

Monday, September 10, 2007

MPYR IS Still On The Air...

After Live365 pointed out to me that they have me for another six months (OY! How did I forget that?) I decided well, we might as well make a go of it for a while. 

So keep tuning into our little project. We have a new schedule and some of our talent has moved on to different projects... but we will be providing you with some great music for the next 6 months.
Sorry Dark One, you will have to save the champagne for March '08!

Saturday, September 1, 2007

I'm Not Dead...

...Although I am sure there are some people out there who wish I were.

I have just been enjoying the last moments of my summer away from this blog. I was still blogging though. Just on a different blog, away from all the usual people. It was nice, and I will still write there, but I missed The Ice Palace. 

I started a new romance about the time blogathon ended, and I didn't feel like I wanted this one to be as public as the others. This one is different. He's not in a foreign country, He's not a "master", He's not into anything kinky or weird (ok maybe that's a drawback with me.), he's just a normal guy who likes to barbecue with the neighbors and he is crazy about me. How can I go wrong? There are complications as far as living arrangements go *no he's NOT in Prison!* but nothing that can't be overcome.

My days as Station manager of MPYR are coming to a close. Cutbacks at work, have forced me to tighten my budget and I can't just can't afford it anymore. I loved the station, and for the most part, I loved the jocks, but I can't put myself in debt for a hobby. I haven't honestly been able to put a lot of effort into it this month for a lot of reasons, and I just feel like it's a good time to close the door on that season of my life. A lot of people pulled together in a short amount of time to create that little station we loved, and had a lot of fun with and for that you are all such amazing friends and I will always love you guyz.

It's officially September and it's time to get out the fall leaves and orange hued lights so that I can decorate this place, and get it ready for the holidays. I love this time of year so much. There is the start of the college football season that I love, the villages from Lemax that I get to set out and landscape, and all the fun festivals that happen this time of year. I am hoping this will be a lovely fall/winter season filled with lots of laughter and maybe even some love!

It's good to be back!

Sunday, July 29, 2007

A Bunch Of Thank Youz

We raised $1118.00 For The American Cancer Society!

This could not have been done without the help of some very important people!

Lisa: My daughter who not only helped me plan a luau, for 25 people. Helped clean the house, decorated, moved furniture, made food, and entertained guests... also took the last 6 hours of the thon for me when my migraine headache kicked in. I love you more than cake.

Derrick: My son, for all the great song picks when I was able to go live on the station. For helping me get everything cleaned up and set up, and helping me today to get out of bed to make these posts! I love you more than chocolate.

Luka: For all of the work she put in at the station to make blogathon work for us. From the schedule to the bumpers, to all the camtastic fun and games she provided during the thon! You rock my socks!

Jen: I know you just wanted to be under the air conditioning, but you blogged for a huge portion of the thon while you were here on air, and that was great. All, while bar tending! I could not have done that without you! I love you more than your salsa!

Monty: For just being one of the sweetest, funniest, best friends I could have in the whole wide world, and just for being you! I love you more than dead monkey dessert!

Jeckles: For making me laugh at myself... and you... but mainly me. Luv ya!

Pan-Raven: Everything you did for the station, the bumpers, the fun, and the general laughter you provide me every day! You are super awesome with sprinkles!

SG: Even though you weren't able to come down and be part of the madness, you called me 115 times during the day. You made me laugh, and you made sure I wasn't having a melt down, and for that I *heart* you more than Monkeys!

Clark: For being a great dad to Derrick, a great friend to me, and the best station support I could ask for... ready to be a jock now? *grin*

DJ Toxik: For taking the last shift of blogathon and rocking the house!

This year I would like to also thank the new friends that we made at blogathon!

Michael: We had a lot of fun with you on the blogs, and the station! I hope we will see a lot more of you!

Colin: Did you ever end up naked? We really loved watching you rock out to the station on the cam! I can't wait for more colin adventures!

Yoshi: I knew you before, but this year was better, and we had more fun! I think you are turning Japanese, I really think so!!

To All those people who sponsored me this year! YOU rock the hardest, because you gave YOUR money to help someone else!

List Of Sponsors
Now...with that... The Ice Palace will be closed for a while. I'll miss you! xoxox

Friday, July 27, 2007

Blogathon, Block Party, Extravaganza Somethingorother!

Yeah yeah you heard me... er read me

Yes, I did it again. I planned a party to go with the blogathon. Because I can never do anything simple. I have to go and do blogathon, the radio show, AND a block party barbeque that has turned into a tiki luau for 25 people. Oh and did I mention SG will be attending the 24 hours festivities?

I didn't want to piss of my neighbors (west side rulez! yo! <----I totally sound gansta there huh?) so I decided to invite all of them to the party except the thugs. I am all about making a statement, so I figure if I live through the weekend, I will have made a point. I did invite "my body guards" Jen & Juana, so I should be ok. Everyone else is pretty much on there own! *giggle*

I still have to get all the food & booze, prepare some of the food, last minute cleaning, relocate the tiki bar(which will include some dis assembly), and finish last minute decorations all before 6am on Saturday morning. I figure the only way I can achieve this little task is if I leave work pretty soon.

There is only one problem with this little theory. Some clown in bright yellow crocs (OMG just throw them away NOW!) is moving to India, and I have to wait for him to have all of his CRAP loaded up and delivered to my warehouse before I can escape. That means I may have to work a full day. I know... whatever will I do? There are some days I hate my job... this is one of those days.

In other news...
* My hamster I got for my birthday STILL wants to eat my face off.
* Yesterday SG only called me 10 times. (do you think he's over me?) Edit: Make That 11
Blogathon is less than 48 hours away - sponsor me!!!!
* I am out of Watermelon Jolly Ranchers.

Somebody please kill me...

I am still freakin' here! It's almost 3pm. I wanted to be gone by 2pm. When my drivers gets here to unload I am going to point to the floor and say lock the door on your way out, good luck! It's just not fair that my bosses are drunk at the fair, the gal that runs the other office is white water rafting, and I am stuck here waiting for time to tick tick tick away. I mean If I had something to do it would be different... but I don't. DAMN DAMN DAMN... I am going crazy!

Monday, July 23, 2007

East Side Vs. West Side

In my apartment complex we are not allowed to have pets like dogs and cats. I know. I tried that when I first moved in, got busted, and had to get rid of my cat... so now I am bitter. Mainly because, how can I become the crazy cat lady without a cat? Seriously. So, now when anyone else tries to sneak a pet in I am the pet-nazi and I rat them out to the manager. It wouldn't be so bad if the neighbor who currently has a cat was oh.. I dunno... NICE. However, they are not.

They let their toddler run about in the front yard all day and night with a golf club, so he was affectionately nicknamed "Tiger Woods". TG is a really cute kid and I want to like him, but his parents dress and act like thugs, so it's hard. His mom turns him out the back door and just kind of lets him do what he wants. At three years old. This can include a plethora of things like, hitting the bushes, windows and cars with a golf club. This can also include squishing frogs and lizards to death in your hand or with a hammer. Last but not least this can also include screaming at the top of your lungs at 10pm at night because your friend can't come out and play. This makes me want to choke, him AND his parents. The last cat they had got hit by a car because they let it run out in the busy street, what did they do with it? Threw it in the garbage dumpster... geez I had a funeral and cried over my dead hamster... these people are evil.

My next door neighbors go out into the courtyard and set up a little play are for their little girl, that includes a little baby pool and sprinklers for the kids to play in. My son joins them all the time. They, AND their children are nice, considerate and polite... everyone used to get along where I live... Until Friday night.

So there I am on the phone with SG, outside by my car when I see the nice neighbor husband go over to the thug's apartment. I then hear shouting. I slowly crept closer as I shushed SG, and told him something was going down in his old apartment. I sat there and listened. Nice neighbor husband asked the thug wife to keep their cat inside (you remember the cat they are not 'spose to have in the FIRST PLACE?) because it had been coming into their backyard and spraying on their daughter's toys. Thug wife tells nice neighbor husband it's not happening, the cat is too young to spray, she won't keep it in the house and the manager knows about the cat. The nice neighbor husband says ok fine if I see it in my yard again I am going to throw it over the fence. (I frankly think this is a fair deal myself) This enrages thug wife. Nice neighbor husband goes back in his apartment and nice neighbor wife goes over to thug wife to try and smooth things over and work out something. Thug wife proceeds to tell nice neighbor wife that she doesn't want to start trouble with her or else, and says you better leave me alone or I will fuckin' kill you.

Now things are really getting good, but before the bullets start flying I went inside and started texting Monty about SG. The next morning nice neighbor wife came over to talk to me to tell me what happened and asks if I had heard anything. Of course I had, who didn't? LOL... so the war of East Side Vs. West Side of the complex has begun.

This weekend is Blogathon, and I always have a little party to help keep me awake, and make it fun. This year we decided to have a barbeque in the courtyard and invite the west side neighbors! My blogathon barbeque may turn into a rumble... either way it should be fun!

Speaking of Blogathon why haven't you sponsored me!? Come on you KNOW you want to!

SG Update: He has currently ended things with his former girlfriend, he calls me 17 times a day (not that I mind) and thinks I am beautiful (also I do not mind). So... who knows right?

Thursday, July 19, 2007

The Return Of Shirtless Guy

Two Years Later...

So There I was checking my myspace, and I received an e-mail from someone named Jesse. Now The only Jesse I know is Lisa's "not boyfriend" so I assumed it was from him. I opened it up to find that it was shirtless guy! If you don't know all about shirtless guy, go read my post from two years ago. He had found me via our high school alumni page. Apparently we had gone to school together but didn't know it. Well, at least I never knew. He's probably been stalking me since then!!!

I see he's in a relationship, and they have a dog together (cause you know having a dog together makes it real) so I assume he's happy and was just saying hi. WRONGO! Yeah about the third e-mail he lets me know he made a mistake with his current girlfriend... and is homesick. Then it happens he gives me his phone number "because he hates typing". I don't call him. I figure I will give him my number, and nothing will come of it. *insert dramatic pause here* He called.

Ok I can't get guys who claim they love me and want to live happily ever after to call me, and this guy lives in another state, has a girlfriend,and stalks me... What the crap? 

So The conversation is fun and light, and I don't flirt with him at all, because he STILL technically had a girlfriend. He gave me the story about why he shouldn't be with her, and why it was a mistake, etc etc.. I just said "uh huh" a lot. He just kept telling me how much he liked me when he lived here, and how I wouldn't even look at him, and when he tried to talk to me I would run away. He said that I would sprint from my apartment to my car. (I quite possibly did do that) I just never thought he was interested in me. His last girlfriend looked like Malibu Barbie, and *I* don't so it just never dawned on me. Plus his grandfather was the manager of my apartment so ya know what if things went bad? I mean I could have been forced to move from my oh so fabulous 1970's style townhouse that I love so much.
The longer we talked the more I found out we have in common and the more I wished I hadn't been so afraid of him when he lived here. However, the fact remains he has a girlfriend, and until he doesn't (if that day comes) we can only be friends.
Things happen for reasons...


...The risk of being diagnosed with cancer and the risk of dying of cancer have decreased since the early 1990s? Fewer than half the people diagnosed with cancer today will die of the disease. Some are completely cured, and many more people survive for years with a good quality of life, thanks to treatments that control many types of cancer

That's GREAT news. However, cancer is not one disease, but many different diseases with different causes. For that reason, one breakthrough "cure for cancer" is probably not likely to come along. There probably won't be one date in history when people remember that the cure for cancer was announced - just as infectious diseases weren't conquered on one particular day. Instead, every year will bring more and more cures for more and more types of cancer. 

THIS can't be done without YOUR help. 
The odds are Cancer will touch you, your family or someone you know in your lifetime...Take five minutes today to sponsor me in Blogathon 2007. ALL The proceeds go directly to 
The American Cancer Society, and your donation may save a life someday...Maybe yours.

I never want to see another person suffer the way I watched my father suffer from Cancer...Won't you help? Take the money you were going to spend on that cheeseburger for lunch, and help someone who is too sick to even enjoy a cheeseburger...donate now!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Me And My Gang...

August 2nd I will be 6th row for Rascal Flatts! WOO HOO!

Now many of you know that the next week is the start of fair time here in my area. I do some of my best blogging during the fair. It usually involves some fruity blinkie drinks, fanny packs and some craziness that may or may not lead to my arrest. I have never gone to the fair with Juana before so it's likely I will end up in handcuffs. I can only hope that this is something kinky and not sitting in jail watching Juana puke on herself. Cause that would be um... gross.

I know, why would I risk all of this at my age? Well... she has offered me a ticket to Rascal Flatts, 6th row center. Yes, I love country music, and yes I love Rascal Flatts, and yes I love the fair. So I said HELL YEAH!

Helpful Moving Advice
If you are moving to London, and you have important papers that you are going to need, don't pack them in a box, give them to the mover and ask for them the day before your crap gets sent overseas. Especially if you look like Malibu Barbie, and you are as dumb as a box of rocks.

1. No, I will NOT stay open late because you were stupid and unprepared.
2. No, we will not open a lift van with 150 screws in it to get out 1 carton at 4:45 pm.
2. No, we will not let you go rummage through a packed container because your crap MAY be in there
3. No, we will not let you wander about in our warehouse in flip flops (only *I* can do that)
4. No, we will not do any of this for free.
5. ...and when I give directions that include the word driveway, do not question the word like I made it up. I didn't... it's a REAL word.
You know since you go to Cal Poly(she has mentioned it 4 times- like I care or something.) and all I'd think you would know that!!!
6. I can tell YOU don't eat by the hip bones poking out of your pants, but my son does and I need to get him some lunch so don't come during my lunch hour!!

Kill me now!

Monday, July 16, 2007

Free Ice Cream!

I almost didn't make it to ZooFari this year!!! Free Ice cream stations, sundaes, yogurt, and root beer floats... all you can eat for 3 hours, at the zoo... what more can you ask for?

You see I was up much too late drinking too much wine with the MPYR Girls. We were having a little webcam slumber party, complete with wigs and a drinking game. I haven't laughed so hard in so long! I sure needed that though.

I think it all started with the Triumvirate of Evil (Luka, Diz, And PanRavenDora). They decided they were going to do a little thing called Frunk Friday on the air for Friday The 13th. They ended up getting on their webcams, and doing a round robin of DJ'ness. I ended up on cam in a pink wig & hat drinking wine out of the bottle. I know... you all are thinking C L A S S Y, but J pointed out that glasses are for pussies. I think that was right about the time I proposed to him.... I'm not sure. It's all a blur. Monty popped in and provided us with some awesome tunage, even though she was neither drunk nor on cam. We added a few of our listeners, "Bacon Boy", and it all went down hill from there.

I ended up falling sleep in my contacts (that since the eye injury I shouldn't be wearing for a while anyway) and when I woke up it felt like my eye had glass in it. It felt worse than the first time! Oh yeah and I had a wicked wine hangover that made me feel kinda poopy. OY!

I went back to bed and nursed myself back to some sort of human-like state. I missed my radio show, The Hallmark Ornament premiere, and may favorite show with the cute guy that loves hash. However I was not going to miss my chance to eat tons of free ice cream and see the monkeys at the zoo. I won those ZooFari tickets fair and square and I worked hard for them! Plus I knew that my DJ friend Chad would be wandering around and this would be a good chance to catch up and hang out with a cute guy.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Everybody's Doing IT!

Wanna Know where are the kewl kids will be for Blogathon '07? 

Click the little graphic above and find out!

Wanna get Sponsored?

Wanna Sponsor?

Wanna Win some Prizes?

Great Music, Great Prizes, Great Fun.

Come on Join The Empire, You KNOW you want to!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Things Happen For Reasons...

...And Sunday's Drama was meant to be.

OK So It still sucked and all... However, it's amazing what 4 days, and 17 e-mails can do to change your opinion of someone! LOL 

I'm sure BB would be a catch for someone with no opinions, someone who would never debate him, and sit around lounging at his feet telling him how perfect and right he is all day. I'm NOT that kind of a girl. So I'm glad that he left the station the way he did. Like a big bold peacock flouncing his tail feathers and showing us all his true colors. 

The drama was his own doing, and now maybe I understand a little more about this person, and what a bad choice it would have been to stay emotionally involved with someone who believes he is right 99% of the time. 

The station that I proclaimed I hated, has created a safe haven now that he has gone. I am surrounded by friends, and people who really care about me, and the future of the station. They left on their own. I won't pretend we were "cutting dead weight" or anything like that! We had some good people who chose a different path that will ALWAYS be welcome back here at The Empire. We will decide the future of MPYRRadio together, as a big family of people who love music. It's ok, we are all little soldiers on a great big boat sailing off into the future... a new beginning. 
Aye laddie!

Have you sponsored me yet?

I am going to be blogging for The American Cancer Society on July 28th. I will be posting a blog every 30 minutes for 24 hours straight. Not only that but we will be broadcasting live for MORE than 24 hours since we have decided to bring some great music to The "B-Schedule" people as well.

Check out to find more great causes to give you money to.
...Cause You KNOW you Want to!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Blogathon is BACK!

Blogathon 2007

Yes, that's right, because I didn't get enough punishment last year I am back for year #2 of Blogging 24 hours for charity. July 28th I will stay up and blog every 30 minutes for charity.
This year I will be blogging once again for The American Cancer Society in memory of my father who lost his battle with cancer in 1990.

Not only that but MPYR Radio will be broadcasting live for 24 hours... so stay tuned to the fun!

If you want to be added to the "Blogathon 2007 Blogroll" on my side bar let me know and I will add you!

Wanna start throwing money to my charity?
Go ahead You KNOW you want to...

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Cha Cha Cha Changes...


I give up. I had hoped that "some day" BB(British Boy) and I could maybe start over and see where that goes. Last night I was feeling really good about things. He invited me to play EQII with him, and he told me he missed chatting and hanging out with me. Everything was great. We were talking about how we missed each other's company, and that neither of us had any expectations... and then BLAM... out of no where I say something that changes the course of history forever.

When I spoke those fateful words, I had no idea I was making him hate me. Making his blood run cold. You see when we originally broke up, I sent out an email to my friends who happened to be DJ's (on MPYRRadio) letting them know I was ok, what had happened and the station was fine, BB wasn't going anywhere. I wasn't going anywhere, etc etc... It was done so that no one would panic and take sides. I didn't send it to all of the DJ's as I wrote it as a personal letter, with station info in it. The three DJ's that were left off that mailing were BB, His Family, and best gal pal. I figured if he wanted to tell them we had split up, it was his place. I felt like I would have been overstepping my bounds had I sent that to them as well as it was truly not a station update. I mentioned this in passing last night as we spoke on the phone. He grew very silent and then said he had to go to bed. I knew something was wrong so I asked him. He then spoke words I never wanted to hear.

"I resign from the station, effective immediately."
I felt chills, and my stomach did big flip flops. My heart sank, and I tried to explain it wasn't a "station E-mail", to no avail. He wouldn't listen to me, he kept saying that he wanted no part of a station where people don't come to his shows because he broke up with me. I tried to explain that wasn't the case as far as I knew. He told me to take care and hung up.

I couldn't sleep last night. I kept thinking how when I got out of bed this morning, it was all going to somehow be better... but it wasn't. He posted his resignation on the forums, and e-mailed me that he has no desire to be part of this anymore.

What hurts the most, is right when I got my best friend back, he doesn't even want to speak to me anymore. He has deleted everyone and everything to do with MPYR Radio, or me. He won't speak to me, he won't answer my last e-mails, he's done with me. Like I never existed.

I hate this station. I hate that I ever started it. I hate that I hate it... but I do. I hate that I hurt my best friend... but I did. Now here I am again... Brokenhearted Part 2

The only good that has come out of this is that I found out who my true friends are.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

The Day I Hate The Most...

My birthday...
In one week I will be 37. In one week, the day I hate the most out of all the days in the world will be here. I hate my birthday. I wish we could just go from June 30 right into July 2 and then I wouldn't expect my birthday to be fun. My birthday happens to be a really busy time of the the year, when people are traveling, planning 4th of July festivities, planning family reunions, and every year my birthday was forgotten, or generally just pooh. One year, my own mother forgot about it. When I was growing up I never had a fun party with a cake and pin the tail on the donkey. I never had a pinata like other parties I went to. I never had a pool party... and I certainly didn't have one of those crazy sweet 16 parties like the rich girls all get these days. All I wanted was a party with my friends, but we were always out of town at the family reunion. What a treat it was to spend every one of my childhood birthdays with 35 old people in the mountains. I guess I always hoped as I got older that my friends would have a surprise party, or the man in my life would do something really special... and every year I kind of hold out hope.. and every year... NOTHING. This year will be no exception. I am single again this year during my birthday so of course it won't be spent with anyone "special". This doesn't make me feel better. It makes me feel worse. The getting older never bothered me until this year. I just feel like that's it. I am "Over The Hill" and I should start finding cats to live with me, and give up my "Happily Ever After" dream. 

I honestly don't think there is anything more depressing than spending your birthday with a cake you bought, watching the "Dog The Bounty Hunter" Marathon, but that is exactly what I intend to do.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Lots of Things...

So it's official summer vacation around here. My son graduated 6thgrade and will now be in Junior High school next year. My daughter will be in college. OMG. I feel about 100 years old now. Where did the years go? It doesn't seem strange seeing them growing up... it seems strange seeing ME get older. I'm not so ready for this. I don't feel like I am speeding towards 37 with a daughter in college. I feel like I am 27, and I should still be in college.

My recent bout with mortality has also brought on a new anxiety. Will I find Mr. Right before I am dead? BB and I decided (and when I say we I mean HE) decided that it would be better if weren't together. He has too many obligations to have a girlfriend in another country. I'm not sure if this is a permanent thing or not. He spoke of "down the road, when I have more time" and "hopefully I won't be too late". That made me feel better, and eased the shock of being dumped yet again, but the reality is... That was probably a nice, non confrontational way of breaking up with me as we still have the radio station together. I don't want it to be over because I do care for him a great deal. I don't want to go through the "getting to know" you again. I just started to learn how to trust someone again, and "the other shoe dropped" but.. I should have known. It always does. This time was different for me though. I didn't lock myself away eating cookies, and crying into my pillow in the middle of the floor. I didn't go into a major depression, and cry listening toMarillion songs over and over. I just kind of shrugged this off. Not because it doesn't hurt... it does. I guess I have just become so jaded that it's almost like I don't believe in true love anymore. I have too many people counting on me at the station to lose it. The station and the people that have put in all those hours depended on me not to fall apart and let it effect the station.

During this time of total "bummerness"... I have really learned who my true friends are. The ones that were there to check on me and make sure I wasn't eating cookies and crying. The ones that showed me how loved I am, and the ones who made me laugh instead of crying. The ones who played special songs and dedicated them to me on their radio show. The ones that showed me what blessings I have in my life.

It's too bad everyone can't experience that kind of friendship. It's too bad not everyone wants that. It's too bad some people are so into thinking people are out to get them, that they couldn't see the friendship they COULD have had. It's also a very sad thing when people have so much anger, hate, and hurt built up inside them that their only joy is to spew venom at those who have REALLY done NOTHING to them personally. I was that person once... but I'm not anymore. 

Thank You Thank You!

I got an early B-day Present! For those of you who are still in need of gifting, it's ok you still have time It's July 1st!

So Monty decided I was stinky or something cause she sent me this awesome smelly good stuff.

Tramp Shower Gel
Sex Bomb & Think Pink Bath Bombs
Rock Star Soap
Angel On Bare skin Facial cleaner

All from

I freaking LOVE IT!

The names are the best... but they all smell very much like something I would pick for myself (It's cause we share a brain and stuff)

I love you Monty Skanypanties!

Monday, June 4, 2007

Blogathon Approaches

Blogathon is right around the corner, and it's time to start thinking about what charity I would like to support. Last year I picked the National Cancer Society, because I lost my father to liver cancer. This year I thought about HIV/AIDS research, but I am still undecided.

I am torn over blogathon. On one hand I am looking forward to raisingmoney for a good cause, having some fun, and possibly making some new friends. On the other hand I know that since my station will be one of many stations doing 24 hours live for charity, there will most likely be drama.

The saddest part is, this is one day when there should be NO drama at all. We should all be able to set aside our differences, and our petty jealously in order to create an environment that nurtures the spirit of giving.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Cruisin Paso '07

What a weekend! I should start by giving you some background. Last summer during my birthday of heat, Jen and I went to Hootenanny. If you missed that story *
click here* 

Now at the end of that story I told you I didn't think HRG wasn't a very nice guy... It's funny how things turn out, and people you think you will be with forever turn out to be all wrong, and people you don't think you could stand to be around turn out to become life long friends? well I found out later in the year HRG actually IS a great guy, and we remained friends all year long. I will skip the details of how a certain car club that rhymes with "toad bebils" has a whole lot of craptacular members and I pretty much wish them all a slow painful death. However, HRG is kewl. Now, I am dating BB so of course nothing is going on between HRG and I, but he's a fun friend to have around, and he always comes to my area every year for a huge car show. I had plans to hang out at the car show all weekend with friends but HRG e-mailed me and said he was coming up and we should all hang out since he had left his car club. I told him he could join our posse for the weekend if he wanted.

Friday night is "Cruise night" Hot cars cruise up and down revving up their engines and the crowd as they tootle along down the main drag for people to see. HRG said I could ride with him that night so I was thrilled. I hadn't been in cruise night since my folks had their cars, and I missed it. We got lined up, and started cruising. HRG tends to be a ham, and has a pretty loud, & fast car... so of course when he let a few cars get ahead of him, he reved it up and tore off down the street. He hadn't gotten 300 feet when a cop rolled up and pulled him over in the cruise. The officer was quite charming as he said "Hey! You do that shit again and I will pull you outta this and impound your car" Man, no matter where I go "the man" is all over me! LOL There were way more people there than last year and it was a lot of fun. We added people to the car as we saw friends we knew and before long the Paso Robles heat had the car feeling like Hootenanny 'o6. We ended the night by hanging out at a friend's house for a party with some great friends, too many margaritas and the best guacamole on the planet. 

Saturday morning I had to be up at the butt crack of dawn for some dress altering for my daughter's prom. I didn't have a hang over but I was insanely tired from the night before so alterations were slow, and... well let's face it. I am no seamstress! I did my radio show, cleaned up, grabbed my son and we headed out to the car show. I about tripped and fell over my chin when I noticed that HRG had been parked right next to the ex-car club, and here we were again... face to face with the very same people who I NEVER wanted to see again. This time, they were in MY town. I told HRG... there's gonna be a rumble if any of them even look at me wrong. Thankfully none of them did, cause I would have had to call Jen to kick their ass! Cause *i'm* not doing it. Cause ya know... I'm a chicken and stuff. The wind picked up and I about froze to death but we had a lot of fun. HRG's car got some new "ink". It's a good thing I was there too, otherwise he car might say "What seem to be the proble oficer" Instead of "What seems to be the problem officer?" Hey!? No one said stripers were smart, right? I guess it was a tribute to cruise night or something either way it's funny. After a huge dinner of Shrimp Scampi, I was passed out in bed by 8:30.

Whew! My vacation is over, and I am still tired, but it was so much fun seeing everyone! I can't wait for Crusin Paso '08. Maybe Next year my honey can be there and make it perfect!
Who knows, right?

Friday, May 18, 2007

It's All About The 80's

We are going to Party Like it's 1999!

Do you remember wearing a white blazer with a pastel T-shirt underneath Ala Don Johnson?

Do you remember spraying your hair with Aquanet so your bangs would tower above your head like a mini sculpture?

Did you rip the collar out of your sweatshirt, and wear leg warmers and dance like you were a "Maniac"?

If you have answered yes to any of the above questions... YOU should be listening to my radio show this Saturday morning at 9am California time (That's noon EST, or 5pm UK time!)

MPYR Radio's own Iceprincezz (That's ME yo!) will be playing all that crazy 80's tunage from 12pm-2pm EST!

Join us in the chat room to make a request and some new friends!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

New Shoes...

Why? Why do I even Try?

I hate this, I hate who I have become. I am sitting here just miserable again! This is two nights this week something or someone has made me feel like crap. WHY? Why the hell do I even let this stuff bother me? What happened to the tough, miss independent Iceprincezz I used to be? I guess all that "Emotional Baggage" I thought I had dumped into the lake swam out and stuck to the bottom of my shoe.

I should be opening a bottle a wine, and saying C'est La Vie. I should be laughing and pretending like I am not hurt from something that shouldn't matter... but I am. I shouldn't be sitting here feeling like I am not good enough... but I am. 

Will I ever be good enough?

Edit: Blogs what would I do without them? I was just reading one on myblog roll, and I posted some lovely advice in her comments... and then it hit me.... duh... you wrote THAT advice to yourself. It applied to her too... but ya know... I think maybe it applied to me even more. So here is what I am going to do... I am going to stop waiting for the other shoe to drop... if it drops. I move on like I always do. If it doesn't drop... then I can tie it to the back of my car on some distant wedding day... either way... I am good.

So Roxy... CHEERS, and Thanks!

Monday, May 14, 2007

Sins Of The Past...

...They always come back to haunt you don't they?

Why didn't I believe my parents when they told me to get your shit together when you are younger?

I sit here today miserable, and lacking the thinks I truly desire because of my past sins. I got married a few minutes out of high school. I didn't go to college like all my friends. I was cooking dinners and having a baby, while they were all out experiencing life, getting an education, and meeting quality men. I was watching my husband drink 12 beers a night and pass out on the floor while our baby cried because she was sick, and I was too tired, and too young to know any better.

I went from bad to worse and back again. Just when I thought I would get it together, go to school and marry the right man, he turned out to be the wrong man, again. 

I thought I knew how to break this cycle. I thought if I was a strong, educated woman, with a good job, I would attract the right man this time. The problem is. I cause this cycle. I caused the demise of so many of my past relationships... and yet I still blame THEM.

What has happened to me? Why can't I go into a relationship with trust. I can't do it. I don't know how to trust anyone anymore. Maybe I watched too many episodes of the X-Files, or maybe I have just been hurt so many times by people I did trust that I am just scarred for life. I get attached to someone and I look for the signs. I looks for the ways they are going to hurt me. I speculate on how this one will take advantage of me this time. Even when things are going really well I see giant flashing lights of dishonesty all around me, when they aren't really there. I look for ways to head off the relationship so I can escape and minimize the pain. Now even my future is being haunted by my past.

I have a great guy in my life, who has given me NO reason what so ever to doubt that he cares for me and wants to be with only me. He hasn't even done any of the things that my exes did to me. He says all the right things at the right times, and he treats me really well. He makes it known he has a girlfriend, to the people we know in common. He's smart, funny, handsome, and we have a great time together. I already let myself care for him more than I should. I passed that point of no return. The part where songs, and TV shows, and certain smells remind you of the other person. The part where you know that if it ends it's going to leave you sobbing on the couch for days while Jen tries to get you to beat a snow globe in the back yard with a hammer. So why can't I just be happy, and have fun, and believe that everything is going to be OK? Why can't I just plan a future with someone, instead of planning the way it's going to end?

I am so afraid that being loved is for other people. I want to run away. I want to run away from him. I want to run away from my radio station. I want to run away from my job. I just want to run away from everything that can hurt me.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

I Want A Frosted Friend..

Yesterday afternoon I went over to my mom's house for lunch just like I do every day. I was watching TV, and having my delicious(mainly because it was free) sandwich, when this commercial came on. It's the commercial for the Frosted Mini Wheat cereal. I was mesmerized as I watched this little chunk of frosted wheaty goodness checking off a check list for a little school girl. Then it hit me...

I need a frosted mini wheat personal assistant! Think about it. I mean he couldn't wash the car, because he might get wet, and soggy, and dissolve... but he could do other things! This fiber filled assistant could answer the phones for me at work while I took a nap, fold laundry, and help my kids with their homework. I wouldn't forget things on my to do list anymore. It would just be great!

Last night I went to the store and bought a box of Frosted Mini Wheat, but sadly none of the little squares would talk to me. I guess maybe I shouldn't have gone for the generic brand.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Cats In Bud Vases...

So I was telling Monty how sometimes I'm not sure men are worth the trouble, and maybe I should just buy my own house so I can have a cat, and eat lots of doughnuts (and probably the Cheetos I have grown to love so much). She is most excellent and replied with this...

We can buy a house together and have lots of cats and be the 
neighborhood Crazy Cat Ladies, and whenever one of our hundreds of 
cats dies we can cremate them ourselves on the backyard barbecue and 
keep their ashes in little crystal bud vases all over the house. 
And we can eat all the donuts we want and get very fat, because you 
know I'd love you even if you weighed six hundred pounds. But I 
wouldn't be able to help you out of your rocker, though. :) 
Probably because I would also weigh six hundred pounds and I wouldn't 
be able to get up myself. This sounds like a do-able plan. 

Now the good news is, I am grooming my son to take care of me when I am older and fatter. I have already taught him how to pour wine, make spaghetti, and cakes, and shop with coupons. I really don't think he would mind helping Monty out of her rocker too. I think I'll ask him tonight when I get home and see what he says.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Can I Get A Translator please?

More helpful advice from Iceprincezz...

If your boyfriend is British you should probably learn ALL of their lingo. Otherwise, you may find yourself in a huge situation leading to eating 6 doughnuts and a bag of Cheetos (the little X & O shaped ones, you know because you are all smitten and they represents hugs and kisses to you...).

Doing a radio show where you get to play songs that represent your feelings is VERY cathartic, and CAN make you feel better. I suggest everyone do it at least once in their life!

People in fat houses should not throw cookies... I am JUST sayin'

I also suggest that you get a REALLY good friend who will make you laugh so hard while you are crying that you blow snot all over yourself.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Shackles Baby! Advice From a Criminal Blogger

OK so driving a car without your tags on it is probably not a good idea if you are going to be out driving around after the bars close. JUST a thought.

Tears will get you out of a lot of situations.

The good news is BB said he would bake me a cake with a file in it if I went to Prison. Ain't he great!?

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Happy Birfday Monty!

OK so yesterday I posted a lovely saptacular post to BB on his B-day.

Today it's all about Monty!

What? You don't know Monty? I heard she was famous, and had quite a following. Of course she and I share a brain so.... I have to say that.

Go here "The Daily Bitch" show some love.. and buy her something nice mm k?

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Happy Birfday!

Happy Birfday to My Wonderful, Crazy, Neurotic, Confident, Handsome, Meticulous, charming, funny, intelligent, and all together perfect... for me... Boyfriend!

I wish I could be with you today!xoxoxox

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Aye Laddie!

Today I am thankful for

1. God
2. My Wonderful Weird Family
3. My Insanely Conceited, but Amazing Boyfriend
4. My Fabulous Comedic Friends
5. Coffee
6. Good Music
7. Not Having To Clean All Those Windows

Friday, April 6, 2007

My Weather Pixie is a Tramp!

I'm jus' Saying....

If it were 46 degrees outside I would NOT be wearing a halter top and jeans. I mean I would be cold... 

Oh! and my son would say "Mom, please pull down your shirt!"

Why does Lil Orphan Annie have no pupils in her comic strip? I think it would suck not to have pupils. Do you think that's why she is an orphan?

Thought for the day: Before you criticize someone else, perhaps you should examine your own life. 
So I thought I would stop acting like an insane shut-in this weekend and take a little beach hike! Get out and get some fresh air, mingle with people, get some exercise, and stop focusing on things that JUST don't matter. Who wants to join me?

Happy Easter My Minions!