Sunday, July 29, 2007

A Bunch Of Thank Youz

We raised $1118.00 For The American Cancer Society!

This could not have been done without the help of some very important people!

Lisa: My daughter who not only helped me plan a luau, for 25 people. Helped clean the house, decorated, moved furniture, made food, and entertained guests... also took the last 6 hours of the thon for me when my migraine headache kicked in. I love you more than cake.

Derrick: My son, for all the great song picks when I was able to go live on the station. For helping me get everything cleaned up and set up, and helping me today to get out of bed to make these posts! I love you more than chocolate.

Luka: For all of the work she put in at the station to make blogathon work for us. From the schedule to the bumpers, to all the camtastic fun and games she provided during the thon! You rock my socks!

Jen: I know you just wanted to be under the air conditioning, but you blogged for a huge portion of the thon while you were here on air, and that was great. All, while bar tending! I could not have done that without you! I love you more than your salsa!

Monty: For just being one of the sweetest, funniest, best friends I could have in the whole wide world, and just for being you! I love you more than dead monkey dessert!

Jeckles: For making me laugh at myself... and you... but mainly me. Luv ya!

Pan-Raven: Everything you did for the station, the bumpers, the fun, and the general laughter you provide me every day! You are super awesome with sprinkles!

SG: Even though you weren't able to come down and be part of the madness, you called me 115 times during the day. You made me laugh, and you made sure I wasn't having a melt down, and for that I *heart* you more than Monkeys!

Clark: For being a great dad to Derrick, a great friend to me, and the best station support I could ask for... ready to be a jock now? *grin*

DJ Toxik: For taking the last shift of blogathon and rocking the house!

This year I would like to also thank the new friends that we made at blogathon!

Michael: We had a lot of fun with you on the blogs, and the station! I hope we will see a lot more of you!

Colin: Did you ever end up naked? We really loved watching you rock out to the station on the cam! I can't wait for more colin adventures!

Yoshi: I knew you before, but this year was better, and we had more fun! I think you are turning Japanese, I really think so!!

To All those people who sponsored me this year! YOU rock the hardest, because you gave YOUR money to help someone else!

List Of Sponsors
Now...with that... The Ice Palace will be closed for a while. I'll miss you! xoxox

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