Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Me And My Gang...

August 2nd I will be 6th row for Rascal Flatts! WOO HOO!

Now many of you know that the next week is the start of fair time here in my area. I do some of my best blogging during the fair. It usually involves some fruity blinkie drinks, fanny packs and some craziness that may or may not lead to my arrest. I have never gone to the fair with Juana before so it's likely I will end up in handcuffs. I can only hope that this is something kinky and not sitting in jail watching Juana puke on herself. Cause that would be um... gross.

I know, why would I risk all of this at my age? Well... she has offered me a ticket to Rascal Flatts, 6th row center. Yes, I love country music, and yes I love Rascal Flatts, and yes I love the fair. So I said HELL YEAH!

Helpful Moving Advice
If you are moving to London, and you have important papers that you are going to need, don't pack them in a box, give them to the mover and ask for them the day before your crap gets sent overseas. Especially if you look like Malibu Barbie, and you are as dumb as a box of rocks.

1. No, I will NOT stay open late because you were stupid and unprepared.
2. No, we will not open a lift van with 150 screws in it to get out 1 carton at 4:45 pm.
2. No, we will not let you go rummage through a packed container because your crap MAY be in there
3. No, we will not let you wander about in our warehouse in flip flops (only *I* can do that)
4. No, we will not do any of this for free.
5. ...and when I give directions that include the word driveway, do not question the word like I made it up. I didn't... it's a REAL word.
You know since you go to Cal Poly(she has mentioned it 4 times- like I care or something.) and all I'd think you would know that!!!
6. I can tell YOU don't eat by the hip bones poking out of your pants, but my son does and I need to get him some lunch so don't come during my lunch hour!!

Kill me now!

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