Wednesday, November 30, 2005

I Have A Gold Medal in The Sport of Extreme Drama

Have you ever had something happen to you in the past that you THOUGHT you were over...only to have it come back to haunt you a year later?

Well I have.

I was recently told by one of my friends that no one gives as much of themselves in a relationship as I do. I guess she's right. That makes it all the harder when someone that I loved takes advantage of me. Someone did that to me last year and I thought I was over it, but I guess I wasn't. It effected me enough to make me think that someone else I cared for, who is not at all like the man in my past, was doing the same things to me. That was my past sneaking up and tapping me on the shoulder saying "Hey um remember me?" I should have looked my past square in the eye and kicked it in the nuts....but I didn't. Instead I gave in to those all too human emotions and feelings and let my over worked imagination get the best of me.

So why do we and by we I mean "ME" do these types of things? They are relationship sabotage. We should trust someone unless they give a reason NOT to. Just because some guy in my past hurt me, doesn't mean ALL men are liars. Just because my friend's husband cheated on her numerous times, doesn't mean my future husband will cheat on me. My parents were blissfully happy until my father's death. He never cheated on her, or mistreated her and I am cut from the same therefore shouldn't I be able to find that same happiness? From now on I will look at my pseudo boyfriend like my mom looked at my dad. I won't look at him anymore like my ex....but instead my future.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Holiday Traditions

Do You Have A Holiday Tradition? 

As Turkey day approaches here in the U.S., I start to reflect on all of the holiday traditions my family had. Death, and age have changed a lot of the traditions we had, and it seems they weren't as important to anyone in my family as they were to me. No one seems to be concerned with passing along these memories, and moments so near and dear to me.

My children will never experience the close family feeling I did during the holidays. They will never know what an entire night of dominoes on a metal table sounds like. They will never know what it's like to roll around in bags of freshly picked cotton. They will never know what it's like to play hour after hour of Rack-O or aggravation.

Every year we ate Turkey on Thanksgiving and Ham on Christmas...Not lasagna, or cheese and salami! My mother says it doesn't matter what we eat. That's not what it's about. She is right, it's not what we eat, but that is just one more tradition that we won't have. I can't bring back the people that are gone, I can't change where everyone lives, but I can have traditional food. It's not that difficult to make a Turkey and some taters so why does my family fight me on this? Maybe I am being sentimental...Maybe I am being silly...Who cares!!

Maybe I will go out and buy some dominoes and teach my kids to play....

Happy Thanksgiving!