Monday, July 23, 2007

East Side Vs. West Side

In my apartment complex we are not allowed to have pets like dogs and cats. I know. I tried that when I first moved in, got busted, and had to get rid of my cat... so now I am bitter. Mainly because, how can I become the crazy cat lady without a cat? Seriously. So, now when anyone else tries to sneak a pet in I am the pet-nazi and I rat them out to the manager. It wouldn't be so bad if the neighbor who currently has a cat was oh.. I dunno... NICE. However, they are not.

They let their toddler run about in the front yard all day and night with a golf club, so he was affectionately nicknamed "Tiger Woods". TG is a really cute kid and I want to like him, but his parents dress and act like thugs, so it's hard. His mom turns him out the back door and just kind of lets him do what he wants. At three years old. This can include a plethora of things like, hitting the bushes, windows and cars with a golf club. This can also include squishing frogs and lizards to death in your hand or with a hammer. Last but not least this can also include screaming at the top of your lungs at 10pm at night because your friend can't come out and play. This makes me want to choke, him AND his parents. The last cat they had got hit by a car because they let it run out in the busy street, what did they do with it? Threw it in the garbage dumpster... geez I had a funeral and cried over my dead hamster... these people are evil.

My next door neighbors go out into the courtyard and set up a little play are for their little girl, that includes a little baby pool and sprinklers for the kids to play in. My son joins them all the time. They, AND their children are nice, considerate and polite... everyone used to get along where I live... Until Friday night.

So there I am on the phone with SG, outside by my car when I see the nice neighbor husband go over to the thug's apartment. I then hear shouting. I slowly crept closer as I shushed SG, and told him something was going down in his old apartment. I sat there and listened. Nice neighbor husband asked the thug wife to keep their cat inside (you remember the cat they are not 'spose to have in the FIRST PLACE?) because it had been coming into their backyard and spraying on their daughter's toys. Thug wife tells nice neighbor husband it's not happening, the cat is too young to spray, she won't keep it in the house and the manager knows about the cat. The nice neighbor husband says ok fine if I see it in my yard again I am going to throw it over the fence. (I frankly think this is a fair deal myself) This enrages thug wife. Nice neighbor husband goes back in his apartment and nice neighbor wife goes over to thug wife to try and smooth things over and work out something. Thug wife proceeds to tell nice neighbor wife that she doesn't want to start trouble with her or else, and says you better leave me alone or I will fuckin' kill you.

Now things are really getting good, but before the bullets start flying I went inside and started texting Monty about SG. The next morning nice neighbor wife came over to talk to me to tell me what happened and asks if I had heard anything. Of course I had, who didn't? LOL... so the war of East Side Vs. West Side of the complex has begun.

This weekend is Blogathon, and I always have a little party to help keep me awake, and make it fun. This year we decided to have a barbeque in the courtyard and invite the west side neighbors! My blogathon barbeque may turn into a rumble... either way it should be fun!

Speaking of Blogathon why haven't you sponsored me!? Come on you KNOW you want to!

SG Update: He has currently ended things with his former girlfriend, he calls me 17 times a day (not that I mind) and thinks I am beautiful (also I do not mind). So... who knows right?

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