Friday, January 27, 2006

I Don't ThinkYou Are As Funny As You Think You Are...

What are friends for?

It was freak night in Karaoke land. Jen had talked me into going out last night for a fun filled evening of drinks, boys with mohawks, and bad karaoke(ourselves excluded of course). I was sporting my best copper shoes and handbag. I had lots of make-up on I smelled good, and I had taken my "crack" otherwise known as "TrimSpa". I was ready to rumble.

We knew the night was going to go bad when the first singer approached the dance floor, and there waiting for her was a poorly dressed, mullet clad man/girl. Man/girl decided to do her meth and come visit us in karaoke land. It seemed like a really good idea to her, however we were not happy about it. She lingered in front of the first singer's face while doing something that may have been dancing in some third world country. he would rock back and forth with her/his hands in his/her front pockets while smiling like a lost puppy. His/her lack of teeth made this especially pretty. When it was Jen's turn to sing I knew that man/girl would try the same thing with her. I warned her though, cause I am a good friend like that you know.

Debi: That freaky person is going to get all up on you. I am going to laugh.

Jen B: I am gonna knock her out if she does.

Debi: Her?

Jen B.: Well whatever it is!

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