Monday, November 20, 2006

Starbucks + Radio Show = GOOD MOJO

It was Super Size Weekend at the Mojo!
Saturday morning, where were you? Why were you NOT listening to MYshow? Must I call you and wake you up to join me? OK gimme your number and I will...

So I stayed up WAY too late on Friday night to help our newest DJ SleepingBeauty(see: Jen B.) get her sound check done, considering I had about 3 hours of sleep the night before I was cranky. So when
6:00am rolled around I hit the snooze button and went back to sleep for an hour. I slithered out of bed and stumbled to my computer so I could catch the last hour of Luka's show. She decided to do a three-hour show this weekend. Therefore, I got a bonus hour of her Mojo goodness! Two quadruple shots of espresso, later...I was live.

If I were to do a show on crack...I think it would be like this...

I did not plan my show on purpose. I wanted to see if I could just go live, unscripted, and do a request show with no planning. Guess what? I can. It was the most fun I have had since...ever. I had a FUN crowd in the chat room, and they dictated my play list. I played everything from"Tiffany" to "Lords Of Acid". The requests just kept coming, so I kept playing. My show is usually only 3 hours, but we kind of lost track of time and went 4.5 instead! I do not have another DJ that follows me until
9pm EST so I was gonna go till they pulled the plug on me. I ended up getting some bad new during my I ended it on a happy note, and promised to come back THIS Saturday with even more fun!

You can always download my pod cast, but I am much more fun live baby! 
Do you want to know what starbucks can do to a DJ?

Click above to download my show!

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