Sunday, April 30, 2006

I Want To Throw Rocks...

Sorry for the absence I haven't felt much like writing with all that has been going on in my little life lately.

Have you ever seen those stickers that say "Boys are dumb, throw rocks at them"?
Well boys are dumb...And yes I feel like throwing rocks.

When last we left our heroine, she was dating C.G., and blissfully happy(Ok...Less tragic than usual). Then he moved to Reno, NV. Things went very well for about 15 minutes and then he turned into the partying juvenile diliquent that he is. He got his own place, and wasn't going out with the boyz as much anymore so I figured things would be better. Oh why do I even hold out for hope? I mean I have nothing against "A MAN" having his guy time...But when he and his two friends P & J all get together it's like they are sharing one half of a combined brain. They turn into second graders. It would be one thing if they were going out, flirting, drinking too much, playing video games, and talking about cars...But they would rather do things different. A few examples:

* While in a strip club one of them gets so drunk he stands up and yells to the stripper " I want to do you in the corn-hole" (who SAYS that?!)

* While out drinking one night, one of them gets so drunk he barfs, then returns to the bar to continue his drinking. (The guyz think this is kewl!)

* While out drinking one night, for whatever reason, one of them throws milk on someone, they all run away and laugh about it later. (YES! OMG THAT'S HOT!...Um no!)

* While out eating one night one of them decides to get in a fight, and the two friends watch, chuckle, and most likely cheer the other one on. (Someone call Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom!)

Two of these boyz are in their late 20's. One has a kid, and the other two probably have about 15 kids between them that they don't know about. I would hate to know that any of these men were trying to be a good example for their children. I have a theory that all of these guyz were dropped on their heads as babies. I fear one may have actually suffered "shaken baby syndrome". It's the only rational conclusion I can come too this early in the morning leave me alone!

I even made the very adventurous trip to Reno to spend the weekend with C.G. I planned it for weeks, and was really looking forward to it. That didn't seem to work out as spiffy as I had hoped it would. I mean C.G. tried, but I don't think I want to fly there again for a long time. It resulted in me wrecking my car on the way home from the airport! Yikes, maybe that was an omen.

I'm a good girlfriend, really. I give a guy the space he needs. I try and plan fun things. I try and always make him feel special. Truly I would do anything for C.G., I care about him a ton...All I ask in return is honesty, loyalty, respect, and affection. Is it really too hard for me to hope that the man that "Claims" he cares about me, actually make ME feel special? Is it too much to ask for him to show me the same respect I have shown him? Why is it that a man would go out of his way to let another girl know how HOT she is, and go out of his way NOT to say things like that to me. I am hot dammit!

So now here I am sitting here on a nice Sunday morning, sipping juice from a smiley face cup, feeling the need to throw rocks. What IS wrong with this picture? I'll tell you what's wrong...I am on the ledge, the bridge, the end of the path... I am ready to jump ship, abandon this folly, run screaming from the tavern, throw in the towel... And all of those other cliches. WHY? It's simple... I deserve a man who will be a man, step up and tell me how beautiful I am inside AND out.

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