Tuesday, August 1, 2006

Last Night It Rained...


...Or something like that. Since CG went insane and broke up with me, I haven't really dated much. I have had a few dates here and there, but nothing so fabulous that I actually wanted to see them again. I'm tired. I'm tired of immature men who think its ok to treat women like crap. I am tired of unintelligent men who think because I am "fluffy" I am desperate to go out with their dumb ass. (Not So Much!) I am tired of men who have no goals, or work ethic. I'm tired of men who can't pick up the phone and tell me something is going on in their life, but they STILL want to see me. That's O.K. I haven't felt much like putting any effort into dating anyway.

So there I am last night talking to "Belgium Boy" on line, when my phone rings. It's "TV Editor Guy". He sounds like he is pretty buzzed but I can't tell for sure. He starts talking about how badly he wants to take me somewhere fun, and how on the 12th we should just pick up and head to Vegas for the weekend. I can't just pick up and leave. I have a job that I can't just call in and say "Hey Boss, I am in Vegas...can't come in today MMMK?" Yeah NO. That would NOT fly at all! Besides, I keep having this vision of "T.V.E.G." taking me out in the middle of the desert and killing me. I most likely wouldn't be found until some buzzard had pecked out my eyes...WTF? I do NOT want to be found with no eyes! Therefore, I think I will have to remain a NO on Vegas.

I get off the phone with "T.V.E.G.", and I resume trying to have a conversation with "Belgium Boy". We are chatting along, about...the weather when my phone rang AGAIN! OK why doesn't this happen when I am sitting home, alone, with nothing to do? This time it was "Ren Faire Guy". OK this one disappeared off the planet for like a month, and returns unexpectedly so smitten with me that he can't see straight. I mean I get it...how can he not? However...um...yeah you can't just call once a month and expect me to be waiting by the phone for you. We had a nice conversation, but I think I would probably scare him if I met him in person. He'd think I was too hyperactive, or too loud, or not funny. That would be bad...cause I am funny dammit! I dunno we will see.

The entire time I am on the phone with these two, Belgium Boy is chatting with me trying to make me laugh. Here were these guyz pouring their hearts out to me, and BB is talking about what good blog this is going to make tomorrow.

*Le Sigh*

Now It's MixMania Time!
When Jim announced the next MixMania theme, I got HOT! OK ...well at least My Disc was hot!
1. Hot Hot Hot!- Buster Poindexter
2. Some Like It Hot- Robert Palmer
3. It's Too Darn Hot- Ella Fitzgerald
4. Too Hot To Handle-UFO
5. Heatwave- Martha & The Vandellas
6. Hot In The City Tonight- Billy Idol
7. Hot Child In The City- Nick Gilder
8. Hot Stuff- Donna Summer
9. Hot Legs- Rod Stewart
10. Hot Blooded- Foreigner
11. Hot Mama- Trace Adkins
12. Hot In Here- Nelly
13. Hot- Black Eyed Peas
14. Hot Hot Hot!!- The Cure

OH and Thanks to Evil Mommy! I got my disk, and Loved it!
Thanks hon, you rock!

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