Monday, October 30, 2006

Truth Or Something Like It...


Seriously. I don't get it. I don't get why men feel they have to lie. To be fair...women lie too. I am just ranting on what I know. Men lie about the size of *giggle* they lie about their marital status. They lie about their sexuality. They even lie about murder, and the death of their children.

In the last year myself, or one of my friends have been lied to about all of the above. My crazy ass ex CG still creates these stories; he likes to believe as truth. I know...why do I still talk to him? I do not really. He has contacted me via e-mail a couple of times, and once by phone. The phone call I took because I needed closure. I wanted to ask him why he said all the crap he did to me, JUST to break up with me...and he lied...yet again. He continued to go on and on about how he is not working for the railroad, and how he is not living in Reno...etc. Yet does, and he is...and he is not so bright as to even cover that up when he talks to me. The last lie really took the cake. He claimed his daughter had passed away. That is sick. At this point, I am not even sure he actually HAS a daughter. If he does...he is a sick man for two reasons.

1. Why the hell would you tell someone your daughter had died? ARGH! That is horrible!

2. If your daughter had in fact died only two days before, why on EARTH would you be on Myspace, posting comments to friends about what a fabu weekend you JUST had with them?

I will tell you...If either of my children died...I would not be able to pull myself out of bed. I would just wilt like a flower.

I had watched a dear friend date a man for nearly two years. He is clearly gay, yet continued to date her, and tell her loved her etc...All the while making all kinds of hunky new gay friends, and shying away from straight sex with her. WHY? Why would you hurt someone like that? Admit you are gay and move on.

People lie to protect their secrets. Is that ok? Is it ok to lie to protect someone from an awful truth like cheating? Is it ok to lie to keep a job?
Where do the lies end?

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