Thursday, September 1, 2005

We shall call him...

Ok so I feel really bad talking about totally trivial stuff in my life like boys, road rage, and my job when there are so many people who would swim down Bourbon street to have what I have right now....But I'm gonna cause I think Tisha would rather read about my crazy life, than think about her drama, even if it's for just a minute! (I hope)

So I have been talking to a new guy. We shall call him "Counter Top Guy" since that's what he does. He seems really mature, nice, and laughs at my jokes. I haven't scared him off yet with my stories of my crazy job, being a karaoke princezz, and my weird sense of humor, so maybe I will actually meet this one! We were spose to meet two weeks ago, but I canceled when I got sick. We have been talking about getting together this weekend, and I am excited about it.

 I am all giddy, thinking about what I will wear etc. Hmmmm...cute and sweet or vampy? I dunno... CG is back from Salt Lake City, and actually came to see me last night. I gave him his graduation present(for becoming a full fledged train engineer), and we watched a little TV. (OMG---Get your mind out of the gutter! I didn't get freaky with him!!!!) It got late so he left so I could get some sleep. It was really NICE to see him. I hadn't seen him in so long I had forgotten how cute he is! It's too bad CG is "too busy" to actually have an adult relationship...

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