Wednesday, September 21, 2005

OK I am Posting Something

Since I haven't posted in a while and I am in a really weird mood, I predict this post will turn out to be some random rant about whatever happens to be going on in my life. If it doesn't make sense shut the hell up, I don't really care! Oh I hope Sergio doesn't stop reading my blog because it's filled with too much Venom! *giggle* 

My JOB Rant:
 My new boss apparently thinks I have way too much office space, since the new office they are building in the new location is as big as a bathroom. I have more forms, colored paper(why I don't know?), books, and even a fabulous word processor(HELLO!-- Have you never heard of a computer?!) to now shove all in one office, that used to all be in two offices. I USED to have this office to myself and could pretty much do what I wanted, and organize it the way I wanted...Now Larry the moving consultant "Hangs out" in here Tuesdays and Thursdays. Don't get me wrong he is a great guy, very nice and is the only one that has helped me with learning all the new stuff I needed to learn, but O.M.G. get OUT!! He takes up a lot of space with all of his crap, and now he is telling me he wants to move in a bigger desk, and his computer from the home office! WHAT?! NO! That means he would be here ALL the time, and that would take up more of the space I need! GAH! The crew actually has to do things the right way from now on, and they can't handle it. They are completely retarded. When you leave your car, and you go into your house at night you lock your car, right!?! So then...Why is it so damn hard for these dumb guys to understand all they have to do is lock the truck when they get out of it at night? I check all the trucks when I leave for the night, that's NOT my job, but I do it so that they don't get in trouble. When I tell them they f'ed up the next morning they have the balls to yell at me! I have started charging them $1.00 per lock for every lock I have to lock at night. If they don't like it, too bad go work digging ditches, that's better suited for you. I have only made $1.00 so far, but I figure by the end of the year I will have enough to buy Jen a fabulous new pair of shoes for Christmas, or a cup of coffee at Starbucks...I haven't decided yet. 

My Love Life, or the lack of:

CTG, The Counter Top Guy turned out to be a flake. He may be reading this, but at this point I really don't care. We never did get a chance to meet since he always had an excuse why he couldn't meet me. Then he just stopped talking to me. I sent him an e-mail asking him to just tell me if he wasn't interested...cause DUH that's the courteous thing to do people!!!!!!!....and he never answered, so he goes into "The Pink Book" as CTG AKA Wussy.

CG has been around a lot more, but lately *I* have been the one not being able to see him. I passed up about 4 opportunities to see him this week alone because I valued my sleep, and didn't answer the phone when he called. I didn't hear the phone, over my snoring...But still...I feel bad. It's not like he wants to have a relationship with anything but a train right now anyway, so sleep has a higher rank than he does. If I don't have a real date soon, I am going to have to call "Woody" or "Randy The Wrestler". What am I saying? I would never date a man with a bad forward...cause it's not really a comb OVER. Although he is super sweet and would prolly worship the ground I walk on, cause he is always sending me these e-mails telling me how great my feet are, and weird creepy things like that. Hmmm....Speaking of weird things, what happened to "Armored Car Guy?" He hasn't called in a while...Maybe he gave up. Figures...

If you haven't donated to The Red Cross for Hurricane Katrina Victims yet, why not? Why are you so damn selfish? MY SON is 10 and gave me his money to help my friends Tisha & David when they had nothing...what have YOU done to help someone today?

OK so on another creepy note my EX boss came in today and told me that I looked really hot today, and that I should do my hair like this every day....what the crap?....ok so I look hot and of course no one is around to see this masterpiece of hairdom, except the ex boss, a random salesman, and the morons I work with...*bangs head on desk*

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