Thursday, January 31, 2013

I Love To Mop!

I know I know what you are thinking. I have had too much wine again, and now I am drunk blogging! I would never rarely do that!

Here is the story. My girlfriend who cleans houses was raving about just how great her client's steam mop was, and how it didn't bother her to mop anymore. I thought, how could mopping be great? How can she enjoy this? Well I raved about it so much to my mother, that she went out and got one. She raved and raved about it so much that *I* ended up with one as a gift. Can I say, how much I usually hate practical gifts like banana hangers (yes that really happened) and robes. However, this little green gem has not only saved my hours of bending over breaking my back, and having to replace the swiffer pads all the time, but my floors are so clean! Back before my steam mop of delight, I would spend an hour just mopping three floors in my house with a swiffer and vinegar and water. I would walk on the floor and it would still feel dirty to me. I thought ok how great is this steamy thingumabob?

I mopped like I usually do, and then I mopped with my new steam mop! O M G! There was so much brown on the mop pad after I was done, that I was shocked! My floors sparkle, and feel so clean now! I have only used the carpet steam pad once when something was spilled on the carpet... I'm not saying it was wine, but it could have been. It cleaned it right up.

My 17 year old son actually asked me the other day if he could use the steam mop. So it must be some kind of magic steam coming out of there, right? How else could I get a teenager to clean without paying him? He told me anytime I needed the floor clean he would do it since it was so easy.

Maybe this is all a dream, and I am going to wake up... maybe not. No matter where you get your steam mop, or which one you get, just make sure you get one. It cleans, and sanitizes icky floors, and I know your floors are icky! I can see them behind you! I have provided a link to the steamy little friend I got just in case you want one like mine! You know you do! :)

Happy Cleaning!

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