Sunday, March 11, 2007

Do you think 40 Boxes of Girl Scout Cookies is bad?

OK... so I make a post... about my life, and all you people e-mail me about is "the new romance"? Bah! Hounds... The lot of ya! I guess I should just be happy you still read this! *giggle*

OK all I am going to say right now is He's fabulous, and he lives 1/3 around the world from me. I know I know he totally needs a nickname... cause that's what I do. How about "British Boy" since he is well... British? Will that give you all a few things to chew on for a while? I mean I really don't want to jinx this because even though I probably won't meet him for like 5 years or something... he's really kind of super fabulous great. Oh and the best part is... he likes me.

I have taken a little leave of absence from broadcasting onMOJO, but don't worry... MOJO is still up and there are still some great DJ's on there, AND... you know I miss you all! I just needed some time to work on a few things.

In other exciting news, Rusty no longer works for "Idiot Moving and Storage". He hasn't for a few weeks now, but I was so busy cackling with glee, I couldn't bring myself to post about it. You see Mr. Rusty-pain-in-my-ass, couldn't pass a little test that involves something green and leafy. Boo HOO! *insert look of sadness here* So He had to go bye bye! This left me to hire someone else... I am sure I will have many fabulous stories about Joe our new kid. He's got a boil on his butt and he likes to tell us... Um EWWW FreakinEWWW.

My leg has started to heal nicely from the great ski pole incident of '06, and even though every month on that anniversary that ski pole seems to end up under my bed *glares at chuck* I have almost completely stopped having the nightmares that I am staring in a movie with Queen Latifaabout my last holiday! Whew!

I am off to find me some girl scout cookies...

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