Monday, March 5, 2007

Seasons Change

Isn't that a song by Expose?

I was talking to my daughter Lisa last night about stuff going on with her, and I was explaining how life is all about seasons. People, and things are seasons in your life, and it's always changing.

My how the seasons have changed for me this year, and it's only March!

I think it's time for the seasons in my life to change again. I have new friends, a new romance, and more projects that I am thinking about taking on. I know, like I need another project!

I just need to make some changes. The old people, and things in my life aren't working for me. Some are stagnant, some are causing me drama, and some are just plain insane! That's not healthy for anyone, and I need to distance myself from it. Get back on track and grow.

Maybe this is my spring when all the new growth comes out, and new things bloom.

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