Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Being Random...

Is SO much fun...
Unless of course the guy who wants to date you, doesn't get it. *rolling eyes* The phrase "I like mittens" for NO reason at all makes me giggle. I understand that not everyone gets that. However I think I should come with a warning label. NO Bitches, not TOXIC...(I'm toxic I'm slippin' under..lalala) I think that unless you have an odd sense of humor, and don't shock easily you just WON'T get me. You won't think I am funny. You WILL think I am offensive, and "Just Not Attractive". I am OK with that...no really I am.

Let me tell you why... If you do not get my jokes, most likely you don't have a very good sense of humor and I would tire of you, and run along. If you think my hatred of all things German is not a joke, then most likely you are overly sensitive and I will eventually make you cry, leading to me blogging about the whole incident for all to partake in the mocking. Maybe. If you don't think it's amusing when I give you a cute little nickname on my blog, then get over yourself, your name was probably way over-used on the planet anyway, and well...Now at least you are unique SOMEWHERE. If it takes you 15 minutes to chop 1 freakin bell pepper...Wait...That wasn't me...but if it DOES call pampered chef and get a mini chopper. If you don't have a "cool factor" of some sort...Odds are I am NOT going to date you either. If you repeat yourself like rainman when telling me about yourself...Forget it I don't like the beach THAT much mmmmk?

I predict car shows in my future...That is all.

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