Wednesday, February 15, 2006

February 24th...

I know you are all just on pins and needles wanting to know what CG did for me for Valentine's day... 

N O T H I N G 

However, I must be fair to my poor little train engineer. When V-Day was fast approaching I told him that if he valued his life he would be prepared well in advance and not forget his beloved on this very special day that I hate oh so much.

CG: Valentine's day is made up by Hershey and Hallmark and you KNOW I hate doing that kind of stuff.

Debi: But, it's special to me, and *I* like that kind of um whatcha gettin me?

CG: I don't DO Valentine's day. Besides I have plenty of time, it's not until the 24th.

(At this point I was pondering if CG's mommy didn't hug him enough as a child)

Debi: it's the 14th. *rolling eyes*


Debi: Um yes really...

I decided that if I had a snowball's chance in hell of getting even a sappy card and a sprig of parsley I had to compromise. When CG left for Reno I told him that instead of Valentine's day we would do our celebrating on February 24th! It would be our own special day, and I think CG's lack of protest meant he agreed to it. He even asked me a few days later what I wanted for February 24th.

So...on February 24th we will not only have our own special day that means something to us, but it is not made up by the candy and card people. Sappy...YES! That's just the way I am, so shut up and deal with it!

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