Thursday, February 9, 2006

I Wish I Were A Bear...

There are two days a year that I wish I was a bear, and one of them is coming up. I wish that on Valentines day every year I could just fall into a coma at midnight, hibernate the entire day, live on the fat that I stored up the night before JUST for this occasion, then wake up oblivious that there was even a sappy holiday that I just missed.

I hate Valentines day! I wish I didn't, but I do. I went into Hallmark yesterday to buy some sappy cards to send to CG while he is shacked up with a bunch of guyz in Reno. (wow that sounds bad) Everything in there screamed "You have no valentine, you ARE a loser, go home and cry". Everywhere I looked there were pink and red hearts, coupon books for all kinds of romantic nights, candles that are way too cute to burn, and a plethora of stuffed animals that said all kinds of sappy things. I was in fact, in HEAVEN.

Every year Valentines day has sucked for me. I either have no one special in my life, OR worse...I have a guy who is ANTI-Valentines. This year I am not sure what I have. I mean I have CG in Reno, but since I am only "pseudo girlfriend" I am not sure if that actually qualifies me for gift giving/receiving. He did give me a box of candy and a card on Christmas, but I know he hates Valentines day, AND he's so not sappy, so I figure I'll probably get some Burger King bucks from him. It's ok I like their onion rings...

Luckily this year it falls on a Tuesday, and I work in an office by myself, so I won't have to feel the shame of not having a massive bouquet of roses sitting on my desk. When I worked in a call center all the women (well except for StephaJew) had flowers sent to them. I think the women who weren't married had them sent to themselves so as not to be left out... but I just couldn't go that far. So This year I will work through most of the day completely oblivious, eat a lot of crappy greasy food for lunch, go home and eat a giant bag of candy conversation hearts(even though they taste like a mixture of sugar and sidewalk chalk), puke and go to bed. Then I have another 365 days to plot how I can become a bear before Valentine's Day 2007.

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