Wednesday, February 8, 2006

Look AT ME I Have a Bean In My Nose!

It's Official. CG is Gone.
*Insert weeping here*
OK NOT Really...

The good news is I don't have to learn German, although it may be a fun distraction for a while. The bad news is, I will STILL be racking up a few more frequent flyer miles. CG's job has moved him to Reno, NV. For a while. A while being 7-18 months. Now I like Reno. I mean how can you go wrong with a city filled with alcoholic gamblers? However, it snows there! I don't do well in any climate where white stuff falls from the sky and makes me shiver. I live in Cali, I don't even OWN a winter coat anymore. (I figure if it's cold enough for a coat I have no business going outside.) I guess I shouldn't complain since it could have been worse, and been Germany, where I hear it is MUCH colder, and they eat a lot of cabbage.

Yesterday before he left for his 6 hour drive out of town, he came by my office so he could say goodbye, and I took the opportunity to have a little chat with him about "THE FUTURE*insert scary movie music here*. I have a theory that he either was terribly uncomfortable about having this conversation, he has , or he is really only 5 years old. The entire time I was trying to talk to him he was playing with my mechanical pencil. He started by taking all of the lead out, and putting in back in, then at some point he stuck my eraser up his nose. I think he was probably one of those kids in kindergarten who got beans stuck up their nose when it was time to make art projects with a paper plate, a handful of pinto beans and Elmers Glue. I can just see him running around the classroom screaming "Look at me I have a bean in my nose!" while wearing a towel for a cape....but I digress. Our conversation was like this...

Debi: So um are we going to continue our pseudo relationship long distance or what?

CG: Well what do you think? (playing with pencil)

Debi: Well, that's why I am asking.

CG: Yes. (Taking lead out of Pencil) How do you get the lead back in here?

Debi: So I'll see you in a couple of weeks then? (trying to grab the pencil away)

CG: Yeah, I'll come back and get my stuff out of storage then (breaking my pencil lead into shorter pieces) ooopps..

Debi: and see me...(glaring)

CG: Right. My stuff is in your warehouse silly, of course I will see you. (laughing)

Debi: I hate you.

CG: No you don't.

He left shortly after taking apart my pencil. We did have some semi-sappy moments in there too. I guess I have to log on to Expedia and check out some flights to Reno now... Because as much as this guy makes me wanna choke him, the times he makes me laugh and smile are much more.

Oh and I can't get my hands around his neck...

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