Friday, May 26, 2006

American Idol Finale...YAY!

Who do you think will be crowned "wiener" tonight?
I have been watching this season every week without fail. Stop laughing. NO Really, stop laughing...OhMyGosh STOP! Well...there was this ONE night when I went to bed early and missed Kelly ruining a perfectly good song, not to worry I watched it on line to make sure the rumors were correct and they were. So now it's down to the final two. Let's talk about these two shall we? Follow along in your blogbook.

Katherine, she started out cute, and kind of in the background. She got hair extensions and now she is on fire. Remind me to get hair extensions K? Thanks. She does well if she just sits on the floor, and sings her song. Oh and WHY is she sitting on the floor? Is she tired? Did she fall down? Does she feel like she is connecting with the "little" people? (NO! I don't mean midgets...but I LOVE that show too) Then she sings songs about horses in cherry trees. OK, first of did the horse get INTO the cherry tree? Why is it in the tree? I have so many questions...Therefore Katherine makes blinding pain behind my eye. Kat, please just sit on the floor and sing pretty songs, and leave the diva stuff to the professionals. She should just stick to making pretty little Christmas albums with her flowing hair extensions blowing in the frosty wind.

Taylor, started out with grey hair...and well still has it. I admire him for not compromising his hair for the show. I think I'll let my grey grow out, and I'll be all trendy like. OK...NO FREAKING way! In fact Jen, come dye my hair my roots are showing! *jumps back on soapbox* When Taylor sings he takes me back to my youth when Michael McDonald was cool...He was wasn't he? NO!? Crap...ok then forget you read that. Last night he was dressed like a pimp in his purple jacket. All he needed was a big fedora with a feather in it. I can't really see Taylor saying "Where's my money bitch?" though, so maybe he should just stick to singing. When he sings, he makes me smile. He has a lot of charisma. (obscure E.Q. reference here: Would that make him a bard?) You just want to dance, really crazy, kind of like you are having a seizure, and you have turrets. I think he will most likely win, because well...He doesn't sit on the floor and sing about treed horses. Will I join The Soul Patrol and tattoo "Soul Patrol" on my neck? (SHUT up, someone did that!) probably not, will I buy his album? No, but I might download it!
I'll Watch the finale tonight, because really, who could miss Mary J. Blige and Elliot singing together?

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