Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Because I Am A Shaman That's Why!

Once upon a time I played Everquest....Because I was in THEIR world now... If you were part of that addiction, you know that it was more like EverCRACK. Now it's not my fault. No, Really! Diva had started playing this game on line with friends, and decided that I just HAD to play it. I kept telling her I would get it, but kept putting it off. She got fed up with me and sent me the game for Christmas 1999. I played for 4 years off an on, and more often than not...ON. So you see, it's her fault! 

I have fond memories of 15 hour "Hate Raids", The Plat, and stars that seem to always beckon Diva to fall to her knees. Three failed "role play engagements" later I finally quit. I think the turning point was when my kids and I were wrestling and I told my daughter not to mess with me. I believe it went something like this.

Debi: "L. You better not mess with me!"

L: Why Not?

Debi: Because I am A Shaman that's why!"

Then I grabbed a giant Pixie Stick and started acting like I was, in fact, a shaman...but not before I slowed the mob.
Good Times!

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