Saturday, May 27, 2006

How You Found Me This Week!

Ok Ice Palace Lovers... Here is how some noobs found me this week!

Google: "The Ice Palace"
Google: ice palace dresses
MSN Search: BI ASS TRUCKS<---Trucks can be BI?
MSN Search: ice palace in florida
Yahoo: cold sore coverup
Google: totally jewish dating promotional code<---Just Say NO!
Google: guy shirtless
Technorati: 3D
MSN Search: ice palace
Google: shirtless guy
Google: should I keep in touch with my ex?<--Have you READ MY BLOG? NO!
Yahoo: "friends don't let friends drunk dial"
Yahoo: superhotasses

Thank you to the pervert who searched "Superhotasses" You made my day!

Have a great three day weekend people! Get crazy, have some Ball Park Franks...because it's not summer 'till you have your "Ball Park".

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