Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Boring Guys Are NOT fun

Since C.G.'s departure, I need a distraction. I need to get right back on the horse, so to speak.

Oh yeah, and I need to NOT date men who are insane.

So, I thought I would get back into the on-line dating thing and see what's out there since last year. Sadly I am not finding that much has changed. Now, I don't prefer to meet men this way, It just seems easiest for me right now. I live in a small town, where everyone knows everyone. The cost of living is insane here. Most of the men in my age group are either married, bums, or as you have seen...insane. I work in an industry that allows me to meet a lot of people, but, the are mostly old people, and they are moving away. My only free nights during the week/weekend, there is nothing going on in po-dunkville. When I do go out at night, and I go to a bar I am certainly NOT going THERE to meet the man of my dreams...I am going only to sing. I tried dating men from my church, but they all thought I was too overweight.

Church Guy #1: "Your body is a temple you know."
Me: "Well, just think of mine as a CURVY temple, would ya?"

So...I am on one site. I won't name it, but it ryhmes with dog pooh. I get a little nibble. I check him out and he hasn't written much, but he didn't say anything offensive or mention how much he likes skydiving so I send him a little ice breaker back. When he does write it's scattered, and rambling. I should just reply; "I don't think it would be a good idea to go any furthur with this as you are a complete moron." However, I decide, maybe he's just not good on line. I converse with him on line, back and forth with him a couple of times, and it's always the same. Rambling about his dog, his job, and the beach. He has told me all of these same things BEFORE! Twice! I feel like it would be futile at this point to meet him. I mean I am sure he would end up telling about his dog, and I am not real fond of "small feeder dogs". Then he would go on to tell me how he likes the beach, which have I meantioned he likes the beach? He likes the beach, in case you forgot. Then he would most likely forget he told me that, and tell me again. At that point, I would have to excuse myself from the "meeting" so I could call Jen and have her call me screaming about something that would make me leave in a hurry. Good times. I just think this would all be a waste of make-up....so I think I'll be polite and tell him I'm not over C.G. and need LOTS AND LOTS of time.

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