Monday, August 22, 2005

Did Someone Get That Plate Number?

UPDATE: I crawled into work today because If I didn't take care of things, than really who would? I am now going to go find a doctor...this is crazy...I haven't felt this bad ever. My mom says I should go to the hospital...maybe I will. Take care bloggers!

I feel like I have been run over by a truck. I was in bed all weekend with some kind of creepy flu, that I now believe has turned into some kind of sinus infection. I am sitting here at work, in a daze from all the drugs I am on, and answering the phone like a 5 year old with the sniffles. I hate it. Why am I here? I need to be at home, in misery in the comfort of my air conditioned apartment. With toilet paper that feels like flower pettles instead of the sand paper here at the office. My nose and eyes are all red and swollen. The dedication I have for my job knows no bounds!

OK I am sick, I may be dying of some crazy take pity on me and at least vote for my blog today please.

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