Monday, August 1, 2005

Joining The Gym

Why not? Why NOT join the gym down the block from where I work? Joe, the owner came in to grab a few boxes from us today. He introduced himself and I told him I knew who he was. He said "How do you know who I am?" I told him his massive arms gave him away. (Oh yeah and I see him everyday...DUH!) He told me if I joined his gym he would personally train me. I don't want to have massive body builder arms like him, cause that's just not very dainty. However, he is hot! I could really get into having a hot Italian guy sweating all over I mean be my personal trainer. So maybe after work today I'll go check it out. Oh and did I mention the cute guy that used to work for me just HAPPENS to work out there? hmmmm this could get interesting!

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