Tuesday, August 9, 2005

Road Shoes

I have discussed this at great lengths with my friend Jen B. and want to know what's going on with "Road Shoes"? Well, that's what I call them anyway... 

Have you ever been driving down the road, and on the side of the highway there is ONE shoe on the side of the road? We see that ALL the time. I understand seeing road-kill, various forms of furniture, or even a pair of shoes. I just don't understand how ONE got there. It's not just one kind of shoe either. We have seen work boots, sandals, running shoes, dress shoes...and there is always JUST one shoe.

So how does this happen? I have a few theories. 

You are a one legged man/woman, and you bought this new pair of shoes. You know you don't need the other one so you just throw it out the window? 

You have road rage like me, and the guy in front of you won't get over so you take off one of your shoes and throw it out the window at his car? 

Your friend gets mad at you, grabs your shoe and throws it out the window? 

You are hanging your foot out the window while riding in your friend's car, and you shoe falls off?

Or maybe there is a shoe fairy sprinkling random shoes along the side of the road just so I would have something to blog about...I dunno. 

I think I am going to take pictures of these shoes, and create a coffee table book called "Road Shoes" What do you think?

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