Wednesday, August 3, 2005

Girls Night Out

First of all I know Charlie will HATE the pic I posted to go with my story...but I thought it was funny! You are such a hottie! (Am I forgiven?) 

Yes I went BACK to the fair. CG said he thinks I have a fair obsession. I don't. I just like going with a different group of friends, and then each time it's a different experience. OK Maybe I do. Last night I got invited to "girls night out". My mom's roomie we will call Donna is a lot of fun. She is the kind of girl that after a couple of drinks (That she has smuggled into the fair) she says the things to people you WANT to say but aren't brave enough. She is also perpetually late. I have a huge problem with people who are always tardy, but because I know this about her and I don't hang out with her all that often I just accept it. Basically if she says she is going to be someone at 7:00pm I just don't go until 7:30 and it all works out.

Last night we were supose to meet at 7:30 and it ended up 8:00. See how that works? When we finally met up she was there with 3 other gals. I had met one of them before, and one of them (Krystal) I worked with at The Grid, so it was a good group. 
Toby Keith was playing last night so the fair was PACKED with hot guys. We started drinking at the "Watering Hole" and then moseyed our way down towards the grandstand to try and catch a glimpse of Toby. While we were standing near an entrance to try and get a glimpse of Toby through the gate, some random guy comes up to our group and this is what transpired... 

Random Guy(I think he said he was Jeff): Hi Ladies. Do you remember me? (Looking at me) Debi: Should we? RG: Don't you sing? Debi: Uh....well yes... RG: At The Marriage Breaker? In Los Osos? I know it's you! Debi: UH yeah I sing there, but not very often... RG: Yeah I saw you one night, came back the next weekend to talk to you, but you weren't there. You are the best singer there. Debi: Oh Lookie my cup is empty! RG: So do you live there? Debi: No I live in Atascadero, and u? RG: Fresno Debi: Wow, you come all the way over here to hear me sing? (Laughing & looking in my empty cup) RG: I was gonna ask you out, but I didn't see you again Debi: (walking to the bar) Oh I don't go there very often. It's a dive. He ended up buying me a drink then I walked away. He seemed a little too stalkerific for me. I am used to doing the stalking. 

I don't know who decided it would be a good idea to try and bribe the security guards at the gate to get in but we did. With what else? Our boobs! The first guy said he couldn't do it, but sure did wanna look. I mean what is the worst that could happen he looses his awesome 2 week gig at the fair? There goes his carreer! Like the fair security cam will show him letting us is? So we decided maybe there was a way to get through from the men's bathroom. I have no idea WHY they thought that would work, maybe they just wanted to watch guys pee? So Krystal walked in on some hot guy peeing. He was so thrilled to see a chick in there when he came out he stood right in front of us and through his keys on the ground. Bent over and S L O W L Y picked them up making sure to show off his hiney. Of course we all screamed with delight, even if he was wearing some kind of pants from Gilligan's Island and Ug boots. When that didn't work we decided to move on to try and get up to the VIP area. We had the guy at the bottom of the stairs convinced but he said we would still have to get past the gigantic lesbian at the top of the stairs. We took one look at her and moved to our last gate. The security guard that was there is the same one I always see at every concert I go to. He hates me. I have trampled him a couple of times to try and get pictures. I told the crew just give up, but somehow Krystal got in. We slithered in with her and watched the rest of the concert from the back gate. It was pretty good since it was free.

Donna knows the gal that runs the wine bar at the fair so of course we had to make an appearence there too. That was ok because there was a super cute guy working the bar named Craig. I asked him if I through my keys over the bar, would he bend over slowly and pick them up? He said Maybe and grinned at me....Random thought: OH MY he's yummy! I took my keys out and Donna through them into the bar area while screaming "Oh ooopsie look what happened!" Some dumb girl kept picking them up and handing them to me even though we kept telling her no no no....she ruined all our fun with craig. I did however get some mardi-gras wine beads from him before I left. I know he wanted me... It was a work night so Donna, Krystal & I made our way to the bus, while the other two gals stayed to play some more. Of course I can't just get on the shuttle bus and go to my car. This time some little asian lady sat next to me. That's ok, until she started asking me if I liked the fair, if I went to the concert, if I was married etc...WHY? Did I look like I wanted to talk to her? I was looking out the DAMN window....Here's your sign! 

I think this will be my final fair story this year. 

Do you have a favorite story of a concert/carnival/fair you went to?

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