Thursday, August 11, 2005


OK why is it that the cutest guys all come in when I am having a sweaty hair day? It's like 103 degrees here today, I don't care what my stupid weather pixie says. She is clearly standing in the shade with a fan on her or something, cause it's FREAKIN' HOT! The air conditioning at this office is either broken, or it just can't handle the heat that is pouring into the office through the ginormous floor to ceiling windows! So...I look like a drowned rat. I have my usually long straight hair piled on top of my head in a sort of beehive with little wisps of hair falling out of it, drenched in sweat. I tell ya...I'm hot looking FO sure! 

So then in comes the water guy. He starts up a conversation with me about moving, and how it's too expensive blah blah blah. I want him to just go away cause I am hot and miserable, and I have oodles of work to do, but I flirt...Of course to no avail. I got a call on my cell phone so he left. 

The phone call is CG. Well, at least he can't see me! We talk briefly about the test he just took, make a bet on his test scores, and he promises to call me later. I am really enjoying CG's phone calls lately. He doesn't mention TR*Y as much! YAY! Then just when I thought I was safe, I kick my shoes off and put my feet up on the desk. UPDATE: I lost the bet with CG....Dammit I hate it when I am wrong!

I was just getting comfy to go harass 

I was just getting comfy to go harass Anti-Blogger when the Hot guy I used to work with walked in. He came in just to say hi and chat with me! *swoon*. You see when "Hot Guy" is around I can't form complete sentences. He is so hot, just ask Jen B.! He has the prettiest eyes, and that smile OMG....I just melt when he looks at me...But *I* look like a drowned rat....Nice! It wouldn't matter if I looked like I was about to go out and sing. I am not his type, and I know that...But it's fun to drool over him. I'm just glad CG is in Salt Lake City today and can't randomly show up on days like today!

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