Friday, August 5, 2005

Things That will NOT be posted at The Palace

I guess I have to clarify for some of you out there in blogland what my blog is, and what it will never be.

My blog is what I feel like writing. It started out to be a silly little journal of all the crazy stuff that happens in my life, the stuff that happens to me, and my friends and stories about all the crazy guyz I have either dated, or in the process of dating. I don't share every detail of my faith, my personal life, my kids lives, or my friends lives. (Although I think Jen B is a heathen and should be killed---ok SHE will laugh at that) If you don't agree with what I do in my life, the way I write, or the topic of my post that day. I don't need to know about it, just don't vote for me, or come visit The Ice Palace. If you wanna ask me something, or tell me something personal E-MAIL ME
I am not going to debate people here. I am not going to defend my life. I only have to answer to God.

I will not talk about my kids on this blog, because their lives are personal. My daughter writes selectively about her self (rather well too!) on HER BLOG, "Have you seen my ball". Other than that they are a "private topic".

I will not talk about religion, or politics either, because that just causes debates that NO ONE wins.

I'm not going to censor my comments from other users unless they are just WAY over the top.

I will step down off my soap box now...

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