Monday, August 29, 2005

"Shirtless Guy"

I have a stalker. Ok so he isn't really stalking me, but he COULD! I live in a very small apartment complex, a total of 12 units. I have lived there for a few years now so I have seen a lot of people come and go. There was one guy who we called shirtless guy because it never failed he would almost ALWAYS be without a shirt when he was out side. I never really talked to him while he lived there but one time when he forced me to use some of his glass cleaner while detailing my car one afternoon. Other than that, nothing, until he moved out. When he left he gave me a plant that was half dead. Then one day last weekend he walks into to Jen B's store, where she is working. He recognizes her, and asks her if she is my sister. After they get that all straightened out she blurts out "OH! You are Shirtless Guy!" (He had no idea we called him that) They talk a few minutes, he gets a video (YUCK!) and he leaves. A few hours later SG calls Jen's work and starts asking her if I am single and interested in dating him, yadda yadda yadda. She of course tells him I am single even though she knows I have a huge crush on "CG". That's the end of it. She doesn't hear from him again or anything, and he doesn't ask for my number or anything like that, so we just laugh about it.

I was so sick this last week that I didn't even think about it again...Until yesterday. Jen told me that he called the store again yesterday. (OK That's not such a big deal except that he moved to another STATE!) He asked Jen if she had told me that he liked me and what I thought. She told him I had been too sick to even think about it. She thought that would get rid of him but then he proceeded to talk to her for another 30 minutes after that. He did mention to her he was going to be in town next weekend. Maybe I will leave town next weekend since he knows where I live!

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