Tuesday, July 19, 2005

CG Gets Some Ink...

When last we left Cute guy he had recently derailed his train. NO not figuratively. He REALLY did derail which put him away from town for several days. When he called me again he was down in Long Beach running a train down there. Well sometime between the time he ran that train to Long Beach and Sunday he got two new tattoos. I'm not overly excited by men with tattoos like Jen B. Is. I am more into the nerdy, clean cut, type, but he has such great teeth! The thought of CG with MORE tattoos verges on horrifying me. I mean it's his body he can go from head to toe if he really wants, and hey that's kewl and all, but why wake me up to tell me about it? Does this man ever sleep? When he called me today at work (he lost my work number again and ended up calling my cell---grrr) he had to ask me yet again "You don't like tattoos?" 

I explained "I am not into so many tats on one person, but whatever since we aren't dating it doesn't matter. You only call me when you are bored."

"He laughed and said you don't know what's in my head"

Yes Ice Palace fans, that's right I don't know what's in his head (besides rocks), and at this point I don't really care. I was better off pursuing Anthony from eHarmony, at least he knew what he wanted........ It just wasn't me!

*sigh* Back To The Drawing Board....

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