Sunday, July 10, 2005

"Cute Guy" Calls Again

So as I was entering my latest blog entry "cute guy" called again. Again I was guardedly excited, but played it cool.

This time "cute guy" was out of town. You see he's a train engineer and he goes out of town more than he's actually in town. He said there was a train de-railment and he was hoping he would be deadheaded home. Secrectly I was hoping he would be too at the slight chance I could see him again.

Then he said the army had recalled him and he was going to have to go through all this retraining, and testing in order to possibly be deployed to the middle east. My comment was "oh goody! We can be pen pals", but I was thinking "geez you didn't have to make up a story like that to get rid of me, just tell me you don't wanna see me" Then it dawned on me that it hadn't even been 4 days since his last phone call. Why was he calling me again? Dammit why do I care? I don't even like him. He's self centered, mouthy, cocky, and makes me insane. He thinks he has some magical power over me. He admits he's an asshole and claims that some day I will call him "Mr. Asshole". THAT will never happen! I don't have the name "Iceprincezz" because I like to ice skate. I have it because *I* am cocky, mouthy, opinionated, snobby, and I think I am a princess. So how does a guy like this get to me...I think I am going to have to kill him

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