Monday, July 18, 2005

More Monday Fun!

So...I get past the first part of the day, thinking ok only ONE moronic shipper. Not bad. I am just about to run down and get myself something to eat when J. Boss arrives with his 11 year old son in tow. He says to me. I hope you don't mind if J boss Jr. hangs out here while I go to my appointment? I just looked at him in disbelief. I'm not overly fond of this child. He is a complete spaz. The first time J. Boss did this too me the little monster sat in the office making paper airplanes to throw directly at me. All the while exclaiming "OH Did you see that? I almost hit you right in the eye!" I would just glare from behind my computer monitor, trying to avoid being impaled by one of the little monster's deadly air raids. The time before that he cut up tiny pieces of paper and made confetti out of it, leaving me to pick up the paper for the next 2 days. Today he has found himself a broom handle in the dumpster out back. He has fashioned it into a spear of some sort with packing tape and a ball point pen. Now, after the airplane incident I am starting to think this isn't a good idea, but I ignore him and continue on with my daily tasks. He then informs me that the radio station I am listening to is horrible. I looked him in the eye and asked him "Did I ask for your opinion?" He backed off that for now, but I can hear him mumbling something about loving Metallica, and wanting to be able to listen to what he wants. It's now 2:00pm. I STILL haven't eaten anything yet, because if I get something I will have to get something for him, and J. Boss isn't so timely with his reimbursements. After all J. Boss JR. Just ate half a candy jar of Hershey Kisses, that I just filled up for the week.

I don't get paid enough to Babysit!!!!!!

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