Wednesday, July 27, 2005

"Cute Guy Update"

Well I bet you figured CG had derailed into some vast void in the Earth's surface. He has not. SURPRISE! We have spoken just about everyday since he got back from his friend's funeral. I know he couldn't believe it either. For the most part it was the same mindless dribble as before. He would talk on and on about the movie TR*Y, and trains. Which bored the hell out of me most of the time, so I could not put you loyal fans of The Ice Palace through that too. 

I had just about given up hope that he was even human...Then one day it happened! He started being something from this planet instead of the "Planet Train Town". He was amusing, so I indulged him. It was refreshing to speak to a man and not have the conversation wander into something about sex every time. We talked about relationships, political views (Hey Jenne he's on "Our" team) and a lot of other serious stuff that doesn't fall under the heading of "Fluff", but can't be blogged about.

It's kind of strange, because up to this point I didn't think we had one single thing in common, except that we lived in the same town, and breathed air. It seems we do have quite a bit in common actually. 

I dunno maybe he is a good guy after all? I think all of the cockiness is just a defense. I called him a playah yesterday. He laughed and said his friends would all think that was crazy, since in his words " he has no game". 

He's leaving for training in a week, and he will be gone for a month. Ireally want to see him before he leaves, but with our busy schedules I don't know if it's going to be possible. 
Gosh could I actually LIKE this guy? *Gasp* NO NO NO NO...I refuse... 

Diva: I did NOT SAY SMITTEN! NanananaBooBoo. 

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