Monday, July 11, 2005

Will I Hear From "Cute Guy" In 4 Days?

I feel like I would letting you down if I didn't post an update on "cute guy". Last night he did call when he got into town. OK, so I was asleep, snoring, enjoy the puddle of drool I had made on my pillow, but the fact remains he DID call. Riddle me this... WHY DID HE CALL? It was like all the conversations before. He told be about getting home, taking off his work boots, and turning on his TV. At least he didn't inform me of his boredom issues. Although right about that time I could have informed him of mine. He then questioned me about my blog, since he decided to read it...Out loud...To all of his train friends. (insert confused look here) Random Thought: Do you think they think he is funny? Then, in reference to my blog said "I don't get it" Well duh "cute guy"! That's obvious that you don't get it, because if you did I wouldn't be ranting about you now would I? I sighed and said nevermind it's futile, a moot point, just nevermind. Then he was babbling about something, and it quite possibly could have been something rather important, but I am not really sure what he was talking about. You see I asked what he was watching and he said the movie "Troy". 

I would like to stop right here and say to you, I am sorry if you, in any way, enjoyed that movie because I will probably offend you right about now. 

I hated that movie. That's three hours of my life I can never get back. I never wanna see Brad Pitt in a pleather mini skirt again. I never wanna see Orlando Bloom act like a complete blubbering pussy again. I never wanna see Brad Pitt try and act again. It was terrible, horrible and I shall go to my grave thinking that could quite possibly be the worst movie ever made...and "cute guy" LOVES it...Not just LOVES it....But loves it enough to own it. Not only that but when I explain to him the reasons I mentioned above, he goes on to defend this terrible rotten movie. I sat in silence, clutching my 300 thread count sheets to my body. I could feel the room start to spin. I knew if I just tuned him out I would be ok, and the nightmares about TROY wouldn't come back again. I was devastated. Perhaps I need to wear a T-Shirt that says "If you liked the movie TROY...I can't date you, as you are a moron" I didn't sleep very well last night...coincidence? Maybe...Maybe Not. 

He claims to be going out of town for some train say THAT outloud, and says he will call. I don't think he will. I think on or about day number 4 he will call, just to tell me about train training, what he had for dinner, and the color of his truck. Shall we take bets on when he will call next?

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