Thursday, July 28, 2005

So I have a crush on The Water Boy

So my office gets bottled water...I dunno why. No one drinks it. I am the only one in the office and unless it suddenly becomes caffeinated I am not drinking it. That and the water tank that it dispenses from looks like it was shoved up someone's butt and yanked back out it is so funky gross.

Yet, every other week Mike comes to see me. I think he really comes to drop off new bottles of water(cause the other ones have gathered dust) for the office, but let me have my moment 'K? Today sat down right in front of me and looked at me like he was actually going to have a conversation with me. When I figured out how to speak, I asked him what he needed. Secretly I was hoping he would say "Only you, my Goddess of moving!" Sadly he said "A quote to move out of state". Not only is my water boy, who looks really good in those little blue shorts, going to be moving away from me. He is also going out of state? WHO will bring me water I never drink? What if the new guy is mean and yells at me for not drinking the water? What if the new guy doesn't give us free cups? (That we never use...But STILL...They are FREE!) more importantly...How will I live without my visits from Mike the water boy? Did I mention he has nice teeth?


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