Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Why Oh WHY Cute Guy!?

It happened...He called. So for those of you who bet he could only hold out on torturing me for one day, your prize is in the mail! YAY!

Iceprincezz: It hasn't been 4 days yet...

CG: I know, but I am weak in my old age.

Iceprincezz: Now I am going to have to blog again tonight.

CG: You blogged about me again?

Iceprincezz: Well yes, because you didn't call me...

CG: I didn't? 

Iceprincezz: NO you didn't so um, I dunno who you called but it wasn't me, and you should have known that because they weren't as witty and charming as me...

CG: Um I dunno who or what I did last night

The room spins again, just like it did when I talked to him about that movie TR*Y (I shall refer to it as a dirty word from now on). I started thinking why is he telling me this? Gosh my back yard needs to be raked. So I start raking my back yard while I talk to him.

CG: ...and you see we drank a LOT no I mean A LOT! The only reason I know this is because I have a receipt in my pocket for $421.00. I didn't have any fun last night either, cause I woke up in my clothes. I was just making the rounds calling everyone to see if I called them last night.

(Cause I wanna know that there was a chance he could have "had some fun"?)

Iceprincezz: UH Huh 

CG: I am pretty hung over, I have been throwing up non stop today.

Iceprincezz: Poor Baby.... 

CG: I threw up Orange Gaterade and blue Gaterade, and it came up clear.

Random Thought: WHY does he think I want to know that?

Iceprincezz: You know I am going to blog this entire conversation don't you?

CG: Are you?

He goes on to talk about random things, like throwing peanuts at the waitress, how he has to crawl to get to the bathroom because "He knows how gravity works", and things like that. I finally just give into the urge I have had for the last 3 days and say...

Iceprincezz: Why do I continue talking to you?

CG: Cause I am a challenge? Because I intrigue you? Because I am a mystery and you like that?

Damn this blog, and Damn me for ever letting him read it...Even though he left out the part about me wanting him to kiss me again....

Iceprincezz: That may or may not be true....But why do you call me?! (This question has never been answered)

CG: I dunno...

At this point the room doesn't spin, well maybe because I am still in my backyard...But that's not the point here. Instead I just sat there listening to him ramble on about...What else? That's right blogaholics....You guessed it...HIMSELF!

There is something about this moron that intrigues me. Maybe it's the fact that he doesn't call me every day? (Why doesn't he? I'm worth it dammit!) maybe it's because he has an over inflated sense of self worth? No...wait...that's me...Well anyway I have no idea why I continue to talk to him.

Maybe it's the thought that someday JUST maybe if I played my cards right I could wear that cute little train engineers cap!

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