Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A Week Ago Today...

A week ago today I was none the wiser. I was in agony, not knowing if CS would talk to me again or not, but at least I didn't know how indifferent he was about me. It's hard to look back on the last 4 months and not think where did i go wrong? It's hard to think that I thought we were a great match in so many ways, and yet, he didn't?

Today my friend JB and I talked. We hadn't talked at all since NYE, and she didn't know what had happened with CS and I. She made a comment about how she hoped it would work out since she liked CS and she thought we were a good match in a lot of ways. This made me sad. Not because I thought she was wrong, but because I feel like if this doesn't work out then I may never find another man like him.

I am depressed. I didn't walk around the lake today with DL, and I made bad food choices for dinner. I find myself sitting here watching TV alone, wondering if CS is doing something fun, and does he miss me?

I know that I miss him.

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