Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I'm Too Tired...

I have been up since 5am. I am tired and hungry, and I just wan to crawl into a nice warm bed and snuggle my UCLA pillow pet, and my dog. I really just want to put all this behind me at least for one night.

I text CS yesterday to wish him good luck on a job opportunity he had today and he was very nice when he replied. I told him to let me know how it goes and left it alone. I wanted to text him and ask this afternoon but I resisted. Around 1 he text me and let me know the job was his if he wanted it. I was happy for him and told him as much. We had a little bit of small talk over the rest of the afternoon, and it was nice, and funny, and it seemed "normal" again. Is it? probably not... but right now I am too emotionally and physically drained to care.

No tears today. I just don't have any today. Check back with me tomorrow though... *sigh*

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