Monday, January 16, 2012

And Then...

It's Magically OK. Or so it seems.

Friday night I went to see CS play at Sinatras. I was not sure how things would be, but when I got there he smiled and seemed glad to see me. I was there by myself, as the usual posse of folks that came to see him were not there. That's ok I didn't need the competition for his attention. It was a great night, and everything seemed to be magically all better.

The end of the night CS came over to my house, and we had champagne and talked until 5am. We talked about his music, his future at the radio station, and even a bit about new years eve. Things seemed to flow, and I was able to just be myself and super honest with him. I was able to say things I was never able to say, and something seemed to click that maybe we were not such a bad idea together after all. Before he left he kissed me, and I thought my heart would just burst right out of my chest.

Saturday night was just as good. Fun, light, and magic, just like it had been before all the new years eve drama. Sunday he asked me if I wanted to do brunch and we enjoyed a warm Sunday afternoon together, eating and shopping.

I was back. I was in. I was going to be ok. Life is good!

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